The New York Times ran a column titled “Buying a Sports Team Takes Heart and Cash, Plenty of It” in the their Business section on why people own baseball teams. The star of the column is Tampa Bay Rays majority owner Stuart Sternberg. It is an interesting read even if it is filled with stuff most of us already knew.

But what caught our eye is the title of the column and how it appeared to change. Here’s the original title, which can still be seen in many places

Stuart Sternberg Loves the Mets, Owns the Rays and Loves a Challenge

Again, this is not necessarily news as it is well known that Sternberg grew up a Mets fan. But it is interesting that the title was changed.

Titles of columns can change for a lot of reasons. Maybe the editor thought the title was misleading as the column is more about owning baseball teams. Or maybe somebody thought the title was a little too inflammatory considering the Mets current financial situation (the owners might be broke), and news last year that Major League Baseball discussed transferring ownership of the Mets to Sternberg.

And if it was the latter, we would be curious to know who asked that it be changed.



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