When it is on, James Shields’ changeup is one of the best in the business. And here is a closer look at why…




  1. Rob says:

    Clearly it wasn't on tonight. Actually, it's been missing for about 6 starts now.

    Can someone tell me why the Ray's relievers don't show up in the bullpen until about the 5th inning? Been to a lot of games this year, and the bullpen is completely empty for most of the game. Seems indicative of the entire team's lackadaisical attitude - "We'll show up when we feel like it."

    • Dave L says:

      Its more of a respect move to the starter, they as individual relievers have no choice as to when they go.

      In Sheilds games you will see them trot down later than our other starters because he tends to go the furthest.

      It was nothing to do with disinterest, so dont concern yourself with that.

      Pitching, starters or relievers is not the problem

      • Rob says:

        I was wondering if that was the reason. However, tonight, having someone start warming up in the 3rd after Shields gave up the 11th hit would have seemed like a good idea.

  2. It is great, when it is working, and a disaster when it is not.
    W/O our Bats, we can not afford to give up many Runs.


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