In the eighth inning of tonight’s game, Joel Peralta was ejected from the game after the umpires examined his glove and found a “foreign substance” on the glove. The move came after a protest from Nationals manager Davey Johnson. The umpires examined the glove and appeared to find something inside the palm are of the glove. They ejected Peralta and then confiscated the glove.

It is worth noting that Peralta once played for the Nationals, so the feeling is that a former teammate ratted him out.

Here is where the umpires were looking when Peralta was ejected. Also, below is a shot of Peralta tipping his cap to the Nats dugout as he was walking off the field. He did not look happy.




  1. Connie says:

    Is this Peralta's first appearance versus the Nats? Not cool, Nats

  2. CharlieRay says:

    The rule says that you can not put a foreign substance on the ball. He had not yet thrown a pitch. They did not take the ball. The pine tar was for his wrist. NO CASE What do you think?


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