On June 30, the Rays will play their annual Turn Back the Clock game with a twist. This time they will be wearing retro “Tampa Bay Rays” uniforms designed to portray what the team might have looked like if they existed in 1979.

Here is that uniform

Well, that is very blue and very 1970s. It looks a lot like the 1970s San Diego Padres, if the Padres were blue.

Also, notice that the jersey says “Tampa Bay” across the chest, something not seen on any of the other Rays jerseys. And let’s hope the players don’t wear black leather dress belts when the uniforms debut on the field.

Finally, it is difficult to see, but the patch on the left sleeve is the seal of the City of St. Pete as it looked in 1979.



  1. Dave L says:

    All thats missing is Maddon's heavily resinated old throwback bong in his right hand.

  2. bhroheim says:

    Soo . . . . WHERE CAN I GET ONE???

  3. Derek says:

    It should say "Devil Rays", since they only recently changed from "Devil Rays" to "Rays", so it would stand to reason they'd've been called the D-Rays in 1979.

  4. Joe says:

    Why are there belts? Most teams in the 70's were beltless and elastic waistbands? I am surprised they are going with the beltless look. They got the button-less top which is proper, but they should go beltless?!

    • SouthsideVato says:

      If you're surprised they ARE going with the beltless look while the picture clearly shows a belt, I don't know what to say to help you out. If you're surprised they ARE going with the beltless look, I wonder why you then say "they should go beltless?!" And why is there a question mark at the end of that statement? You're not asking a question: you're making a statement.


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