It has been a pretty scary 24 hours for most people in this area. But one lucky motorist received a temporary reprieve after their car was stuck in a flood and Evan Longoria gave them a hand by giving them a push.

Lucky for us, Longo’s significant-other caught part of the scene on video…



  1. Adam W says:

    Good on Longo for doing this, but I have to admit if I was him, I wouldn't have.

    I'd be too afraid in our litigation happy society that someone decides to sue me because I scratched their bumper.

  2. Beth says:

    As long as it doesn't aggravate his hamstring....

  3. Linda says:

    I told everyone that not only is he handsome and excellent ball player but a good guy all around. You are awesome Evan. Can't wait for you to get back in the game, we need you.


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