When Joel Peralta walked off the mound at the end of the eighth inning yesterday, he raised some eyebrows when he looked at the camera and made what appeared to be a throat-slashing gesture…

Not sure I have ever seen that on a baseball field. On the other hand, it was a common scene in the NFL for a while before the league cracked down and started fining players for doing it.

Then again, maybe there is a more innocent explanation. Here’s the Peralta remix. Maybe he is just channeling his inner-Tiffany…



  1. MattP says:

    He’d be walking towards the Rays dugout, so it’s more than likely not a “throat slash” but that he may be motioning something to a teammate or coach. It could simply be a sign to Hickey or Maddon that he doesn’t want to come out to start the next inning.

    It looks to me like he’s motioning “I’m done.”

    • Chris G. says:

      But why would Peralta ever think he would be kept in the game? Rodney is the closer. And has Peralta worked more than 1 inning at all this year? I think I remember one time.

      • MattP says:

        Who knows? If I remember correctly, he only faced one batter in the 8th. Maybe they discussed it to give Rodney a break for the night.

        Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of emotion behind it at all.

        • Beth says:

          And if you are correct that he is looking into the Rays dugout while making this gesture, it’s hard to turn it into something too “in your face.” Or perhaps Joel and Jim Hickey are on the outs?

          • Cork Gaines says:

            I don’t really think there was anything malicious here. But I thought he was looking right at the camera. And I dont think you have to make the gesture at somebody to insult them. In the NFL, it was typically done towards the fans, even the home fans as a “that’s right, look what I did to them” message, or similar.

      • Cork Gaines says:

        He’s done it twice this year, and not since May 2. And yes, it would be very unusual for Peralta to come in for the 9th inning.

  2. zenny says:

    I loved me some Tiffany back in the day.

  3. Gus says:

    He is referencing where the pitch was thrown. Top of the strike zone, but below the neck.

  4. krewezer says:

    To me, the gesture says “smooth”, like water (or Carlos Santana), meaning the inning went, well, smoothly.

  5. don says:

    Its the peace sign in Mexican drug wars, first Rodney now Peralta, you have to ask Pena, he understands those signs, like Rodneys Bow

  6. Michael says:

    I make that gesture when I am trying to signal “cut it”, or “stop”. Seems appropriate if he just shut down an inning. Nothing sinister to me.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m with Michael. That looks more like a cut or stop gesture, like “The buck stops here, yo” instead of “OMGIFKY” to someone specific in the dugout. If it was a single finger right across the neck, that’s more universal for throat-slitting.

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