Davey Johnson had some harsh words for Joe Maddon this afternoon. When asked about Maddon’s comments last night, Johnson said (via Mark Zuckerman) “I don’t know him that well, but I thought he was a weird wuss anyways.”

Some might say the comments are fair after what Maddon said last night. But there is a big difference here. Maddon was referring to a baseball decision made by Johnson when he used words like “cowardly” and “chickensh*t move.” Johnson on the other hand is speaking directly about Maddon. It is a subtle, but important difference.

For his part, Maddon was still firing away today, saying that other big leaguers will now “think twice” about playing for the Nationals based on how they treated Joel Peralta (via JB Long).



  1. Don says:

    Big time Wrestling has better verbal fights then these two old women.
    Either one probably don't know what day it is after a hard day of managing!!

  2. machdraught says:

    A subtle but important difference? It's a COWARDLY way of calling someone a name, Cork! Like getting yourself off on a parsing technicality.
    Geez, have you swilled the KoolAid too?

  3. machdraught says:

    Oh, and everybody will want to join the Rays who have so much fun with their theme trips and playing dressup and the discoball in the lockerroom, all the while playing the most boring baseball on the planet.


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