If you have not seen Joe Maddon’s post-game press conference, GO HERE.

Revenge is coming, right? After all, Joe Maddon said just that after last night’s game…

We will respond to others that do try to do it to us.

He also made it clear that the “cowardly” actions by the Red Sox run the risk of getting their own players hurt. So somebody on the Red Sox is going to get a bruise and back full of dirt tonight, right? Maybe not.

First of all, if revenge is on Maddon’s mind, telling the entire world was the worst way to go about it. Now, both the umpires and the league office are on alert even more than before. But more importantly, the Rays have ten players on the disabled list (including a starting pitcher), and can’t afford to lose any players to suspension or injury, especially David Price.

So then why did Maddon make the comments if he has no intention of retaliating? Maybe that is exactly why Maddon made the comments. Maybe Maddon made the comments knowing it was the only way he could send a stern message. Maybe he made the comments to give all of the Red Sox batters something else to think about tonight and tomorrow. The psychological damage of not knowing if something is going to happen and when it might happen could be far more effective.

Doesn’t that sound more like something the always-calculating Maddon might do, as opposed to just punching somebody in the nose?

Or maybe Price will drill David Ortiz in the first inning and there will be a brawl.



  1. alicia says:

    the best form of revenge right now would be to sweep them... and keep them at the bottom of the division. Joe knows what he is doing.

  2. Sean says:

    What's funny is the retweets from Boston fans on Maddons tweet. They're honestly trying to defend what happened last night. There could not be a bigger joke of a fanbase.

  3. Ken says:

    The best retaliation the Rays can muster right now would be to sweep the Sux and wipe that smirk off Valentine's face. Then, in the first game after the All Star break, bring in Mr. McGee and his heater and let him aim for the ribs of Salty or Dustin the dwarf.
    Maddon's comments were on target and well spoken. He makes me proud to be a Rays fan.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. This retaliation business is a no-win proposition, because where does it end? And ultimately, retaliating by having pitcher hit one of their hitters hurts YOU - you put a man on base, and risk having your pitcher tossed out.

      I hope Scott hits a few homers, although poor guy has to feel a little vulnerable up there -- don't forget that he got hit by a Red Sox pitcher in St. Pete last time -- after Moore had hit Gonzalez. So apparently Scott is their go-to punching bag. I'm sure that makes him livid, but there's really only one way he can get back at them, and that's by getting a few hits.

  4. Dave L says:

    Agreed just beat them.

    But David can definitely pitch them inside and keep them off the plate. Just play good clean aggressive baseball against the last place team in the division.

    Then move on and let Valentine have a seance with his ghosts and let the Sox fans go back to directing thier obscenities at their OWN teams players like before we came to town.

  5. Rivals says:

    I think Maddons' comments were kind of taken out of context. I don't think he necessarily meant they are drilling someone tonight. Just they will fight back.

    I wouldn't be surprised if both teams are warned pre-game tonight. Price's comments sounded like he wasn't interested in retaliation. He'll probably get tossed for a semi-wild inside pitch that doesn't hit anyone.. JUST because they're on Boston.

  6. Sam B says:

    I like Cork's idea yesterday on Twitter... win the game and send the Red Sox beer and fried chicken. That will fly over very well. After Maddon's comments it would be ridiculously hypocritical to give permission to hit another player. It would be stupid to do so with the amount of players on the DL and extremely unprofessional and classless. I hope they just go out and fight hard... I mean play hard.

  7. MarkE says:

    Maddon is too smart to make those comments, then go after them tonight. However, if it IS his intention to get into their head by saying those things, he will still end up looking like a chicken if he never follows up with his threat of "response". He said "we will respond", so now he needs to do something.

    That said, I don't think he has it in him to order a hit - ever - for any reason. However, with his laid back style, I'm not sure he has the authority with the players to convince them to hold back. I desperately hope Price doesn't get himself tossed. I don't want to see our bullpen for 8 innings and I don't want to see a completely depleted bullpen play tomorrow. I predict a late game hit tonight - called for by proud players, not managers.

  8. Charles says:

    There's no doubt in my mind that the benches are going to get warnings pre-game, given the plunking, the brawl, the comments, and the idiot fan remarks Upton caught. So unless we want Wade Davis starting this game, Price better not throw at anyone.

    Winning and/or sweeping the series would be the best revenge, and I don't doubt that every Rays player is thinking the same thing, even if they wouldn't mind having someone beaned as well.

  9. Dave L says:

    Please whatever we do tonite dont plunk Shoppach (I expect him to be the backstop) as we all know that he enjoys it too much

  10. Andy says:

    Gr8 comments from everyone!! Especially LOVE idea that SWEEP is BEST RETALIATION!!!

    However, I can't help thinking that Maddon might appreciate the team going real 'old school', like back to Ty Cobb!! Sliding w/his spikes up was his trademark πŸ™‚ Go get them, boys!!! Except for home (if ShopAche is indeed there); bowl him over (Are we ready for some football?!!) πŸ™‚

  11. don says:

    I watched a lot of guys in the push & shove match but don't remember seeing Shopp or Crawford (who was in the dug out early) what exactly they were doing?

  12. Rob says:

    I think the retaliation will be of the creative nature.

  13. Charles says:

    Two more things:

    - Trib's Mooney says warnings are expected to be issued before the game.

    - Price was asked on Twitter who he was going to bean tonight. He answered "My catcher's mitt". So he knows what to do.


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