Unfortunately, we can’t play “Sweep Caroline,” but the Rays did get the last laugh and take two of three from the Red Sox and jump back into a tie for first place. Here are the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. Dave L says:

    In my half century of life, I can honestly say I have never enjoyed watching any pro sports team as much as the 2012 Rays. For me every player and coach is a likable character and the team consistantly performs in excess of the sum of its individual players talents.

    Every night when possible, when my work is finished, I push the play button on my DVR and watch the game. It makes me feel like a little kid again.

    Thanks JoeMa

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed, especially when I read gems like this, from the Tampa Bay Times:

      "Rodney shot his imaginary arrow into the air after his 16th save, and the Rays were celebrating, turning off the lights and turning up the music in the visiting clubhouse for their now standard victory dance party, which included a random elderly fan in a Red Sox shirt they invited in."

    • Ken says:

      Dave, your comment is spot on. I grew up in the NY/NJ area in the 50's. My Grandfather a Dodgers fan, Dad a Yankees fan and me, by default, a Giants fan. What I remember most in those early years of my life was that baseball was the pulse of our daily lives. The players all had character, the games were larger than life dramatically, and the fans bled their teams' colors proudly.
      The Rays have made me a true fan again. They play all 9 every night, they dance win they win, become more determined when they lose and are led by a manager who is quickly becoming the "God Father" of baseball.
      Please Tampa Bay support this team. They deserve it. We deserve them.

  2. bbmern says:

    There was nothing sweeter than watching Rodriguez hit that homer in the 9th and then Rodney coming in to finish them off...sweet caroline! Rodney is a class act. When I was in NY for a Rays game recently, he signed a ball for me...in the rain and then he posed for me so I could take his picture. That was pretty cool!

  3. zenny says:

    C.C. has put on some weight. He's looking more and more like Wynton Marsalis these days.


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