We can tell you how the Rays’ makeshift lineup went 3-30 with 15 strikeouts. Or we could just show you BJ Upton’s reaction to striking out in the first inning…



  1. Dave L says:

    I was very happy with MM performance. These guys had just scored 60 runs in the last 7 games and he held them to 2 and our pen gave a chance to win in the 9th vs the hottest lineup in baseball.

    So our 5th most effective starter combined with our pen to battle them to a 2-1 loss against thier #2 starter and an effective lefty (our achilles) all year.

    We are going to continue to struggle against quality lefties until we get our other RH bats back so get used to it and dont wring your hands when it happens.

  2. Raysfan137 says:

    Like what Dave L said. Hottest lineup and team in baseball right now, and one the hottest pitchers. I get Sale is not a career big name guy at this point, but he has been lights out lately - especially against lefties. No issues with what Joe tried to do. If he had started Joyce/Scott/K-Los, there is a great chance we would all be complaining about them right now. Our guy made the one pitch mistake. Theirs didn't. That's all there is to say.

    As for the BJ video, you could make a video like that of BJ after EVERY one of his Ks. He always saunters off slowly acting like it's someone else's fault or he just faced Cy Young himself. Simple fact is, with all of the other big sticks sitting, he thought he was the king stud yesterday - and as usual, he swung like it. He is the typically the definition of "trying to do too much". Unfortunately, it works for him sometimes, so he'll never stop doing it.


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