This post, which will appear before every game, will include starting lineups (when we learn them) and during the game will include a Game Graph that will constantly update the percent chance the Rays have of winning this particular game.

Game Graph

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Playing A Little Pepper

Over/Under: 1 start for Hideki Matsui before the All-Star break.

If Luke Scott could play in the field, Matsui would be here in two weeks. And it just so happens that Scott says he can play first base now, but he is not quite ready for the outfield. Will that happen before the break? We seem to be heading that way…OVER


  1. Ben Zobrist, RF
  2. Sean Rodriguez, 3B
  3. BJ Upton, CF
  4. Jeff Keppinger, 1B
  5. Brandon Guyer, LF
  6. Luke Scott, DH
  7. Elliot Johnson, SS
  8. Chris Gimenez, C
  9. Will Rhymes, 2B
  10. Matt Moore, SP

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  1. Don says:

    Is Moore a starting ML pitcher? ( Davis & Cobb want to know?) tonight we find out...or Baltimore might hit 6/7 HRs....
    Pena on bench.. Kepp in his spot.... things to come?


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