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Game Graph

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Playing A Little Pepper

Jose Molina is hitting .181 with a .234 OBP and let’s face it, his defense hasn’t been great. He has 3 passed balls (although that number probably should be 6 or 7) and has only thrown out 3 of 13 base stealers. Is there any chance the Rays keep Chris Gimenez when Jose Lobaton comes back?

It is certainly possibly but we would be surprised. One big reason the Rays picked up Molina was because he gets more called strikes on balls outside of the strike zone than other catchers. In other words, he makes the pitchers even better than they already are. Everything else is tough to live with, but may be a small price to pay. The Rays would certainly like the other stuff to get better, so it would seem we need to just be patient and hope for the best…MOLINA IS LIKELY HERE TO STAY


  1. Ben Zobrist, RF
  2. BJ Upton, CF
  3. Matt Joyce, LF
  4. Carlos Pena, 1B
  5. Luke Scott, DH
  6. Sean Rodriguez, SS
  7. Will Rhymes, 2B
  8. Elliot Johnson, SS
  9. Jose Molina, C
  10. Jeremy Hellickson, SP

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  1. angrybuddha says:

    My favorite strategy ever is to hope.

  2. YoBuc says:

    I regret to say that Jose should have retired after last year. He'd been solid to this point, but looks out of shape and doesn't look exactly spry behind the dish. At the dish, well, that's another story.
    No, it's not.


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