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Playing A Little Pepper

This is the third time in five years that Evan Longoria will miss a significant amount of time with an injury. Is it fair to label him injury prone?

First of all, it could be a lot worse. JD Drew didn’t play 140 games in a season until his sixth year in the big leagues. And the first significant injury, a broken wrist in 2008 as a result of being hit by a pitch, is something that could happen to anybody. That being said, there are always concerns when an athlete pushes his muscles to extremes with tons of weight lifting. Of course Longo is no Mark McGwire, but he does have a heavy duty off-season workout regimen. Still, we are going to say the last two injuries were a fluke until we start to see more of a pattern…NOT YET


  1. Flash Jennings, LF
  2. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  3. Matt Joyce, RF
  4. Carlos Pena, 1B
  5. Luke Scott, DH
  6. BJ Upton, CF
  7. Will Rhymes, 3B
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Sean Rodriguez, SS
  10. James Shields, SP

Song to get you pumped up

After yesterday, we need something a little more light-hearted…





  1. Burg says:

    Well if he's not, he still finds away to injured often.

    At this rate the Yankees can have him, his busted wheels and his huge ego.

    GO RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (And to all you whiny fake fans who make excuses not to go to games, your not fans, the Trop is like 20 min from hyde park, stop making excuses.)

  2. bucyea says:

    longoria seems to think he's already a HOF'r, and at this point in his career is more worried about who in next model gf is, and where the next hollywood party is. I'm sorry but if a professional athlete cannot make from 1st base to 2nd base with tearing his hamstring, he's not in the shape a profesional athlete needs to be in, and may need to take his career more seriously.

  3. Don says:

    You can't do serious time down(30days+) 4 years in a row unless you a little soft..something ain't right there....California Dreaming sissy...

  4. Bobby Fenton says:

    Strength and conditioning training, if done properly, will only decrease your chances of injury while enhancing performance.


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