Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

How about career minor-leaguer Rich Thompson going old school Don Baylor or Craig Biggio and getting plunked with two strikes to open the 11th inning, and then coming home with the winning run on B.J. Upton’s double.

Joe’s offering a standing ovation.

Thompson has one career hit at 33 years old, but what he displayed out there was beautiful veteran baseball. Clearly he had little interest in getting out of the way of that Darren Oliver breaking ball.

Bossman’s rip brought him up to .300 for the season (we’ll miss you next year, B.J.) and the Rays come out with the series win.

But this was another ugly one, with the Rays seemingly leaving runners on base in every inning and Elliot Johnson costing them with a misplayed ball.

James Sheilds pounded the strike zone mercilessly for 10 Ks, so one can hope he’s back to elite form.

The Rays are now a stunning 11-3 in one-run games this season. Those are some championship numbers.




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  1. Dave L says:

    As someone who comes on the internet and criticizes guys with a million times more talent and committment to the game than I ever had, its times like this that put it in perspective.

    As a fan thanks so much to Rich Thompson, we just witnesseed the greatest moment of his career at 33 getting hit by a major league pitcher and scoring the winning run of a game in May.

    Its a pretty cool moment for a guy giving his best to baseball, hopefully he will continue to have better shining moments, but even if not, he won a big league game.

    I never did anything as cool as that in my career.


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