Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe watched Ben Zobrist’s seeing-eye, bloop double, all those Jays errors, and Brett Lawrie’s almost justifyable temper tantrum, and Joe couldn’t help but sit back and contemplate after the Rays’ 4-3 win that destiny really is on Tampa Bay’s side this season.

And for this latest victory we got to soak in another big night for Will Rhymes, Elliot Johnson and old man Crooked Cap.

It has to make you laugh.

Every fan knows the long list of injuries and surprises associated with the 2012 roster. The Rays being on pace to win 101 games is nothing short of stunning considering its schedule.

Joe was glad to see David Price bounce back with a strong outing and another W. He needed the confidence jolt.

The hot and hated Red Sux come to the Trop tonight. Joe gets the feeling they don’t realize what they’re running into.





  1. Dave L says:

    It would really suck to be a Jays fan this morning.

    Lawrie got the same petualnt umpire strike zone BJ would get sometimes.

    Thats baseball.

  2. MarkE says:

    "and Joe couldn’t help but sit back and contemplate after the Rays’ 4-3 win that destiny really is on Tampa Bay’s side this season."

    One response to that: EIGHT men on the DL and a BROKEN LEG from a freak one-hopper to Niemann??? Seems like the Rays are defeating destiny's mission! Bring on the RedSux -- lefty hurler and all.

  3. Fatmosh says:

    Man, Joe. You're just so excitable. Try to level it off a bit.

    This isn't a team of destiny, at least not <50 games into the season. And contrast this with the posts you made earlier when they were in a bit of a skid.

    Teams have ups and downs, this team is no different. They're playing very good baseball right now, yes. But chances are this team will be healthy in two months and will have a slump for no apparent reason.

    Looking good so far, that's what I say.

    • JoeRaysFan says:

      Fatmosh, Joe watches the game and gives his gut feelings and reaction. It's baseball, the rollercoaster ride takes you through the season. The feeling last night was one of miracles and destiny.

  4. don says:

    Word is boys partied pretty hard last night at stadium, and beer blast on long flight home? Hope no let down tonight...
    How long can EJ, Rymes, Rod..and ZO carry Pena & Upton and the walking wounded...we will see with 8 home games and no break in 16 game stretch


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