Joe is back with his post-game thoughts…

Now this is Joe’s kind of a game. Hellboy and the bullpen, capped by the crooked cap-wearing, Kung Fu Fernando Rodney, who held the BoSux to one run while wrapping up a 2-1 win.

This is the type of game the Rays are going to need from their pitching staff, and are capable of getting night in and night out, short of whoever is now the No. 5 pitcher.

And, man, was Rodney mowing down the BoSux. Fantastic.

But this injury bug is really going to catch up with the Rays. Will Rhymes passing out after being hit in the forearm by a pitch was chilling for Joe as he can recall the night Tony Saunders blew out his arm. Just a hunch, but it seems Rhymes will meet the disabled list and that gives the Rays 10 guys on the disabled list this year. Sooner or later, one would think that will catch up with the team.

Good thing the Rays have Merlot Joe. Few managers, if any, can mix and match and put a batting order together with gum and duct tape better than him. His skill at doing that will surely be tested the next few weeks.



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