Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Perhaps the most disturbing realization out of this heinous 5-3 Rays loss is that Baltimore looks like it won’t be taking its rightful place at the bottom of the AL East this season.

The Orioles sort of out-Rayed the Rays tonight, befuddling them with their defensive shifts and serving up superior pitching.

After five Rays errors, five, led to three unearned runs, Joe couldn’t bear to tune in to the mighty skipper’s talk after the game. There was no way to spin this defensive performance and more poor clutch hitting, and Joe didn’t want to hear Joe Maddon try.

Without going all negative, some congratulations are in order for Burke Badenhop’s three strikeouts in the eighth inning, Luke Scott’s two-out, two-run single that made it a ballgame, and for Elliot Johnson hustling out an infield hit on a pretty routine grounder to third. But the sad thing is it feels like Johnson is one of only a few Rays who still believe in running hard to first.

For those keeping score, it’s now a 5-6 record without Evan Longoria.





  1. Dave L says:

    Thats what i like Joe, accentuate the positive, after all we stand 20-14 and hold a tenuous lead over the more hated northeastern members of our division.

    Lets face it the O's are good.

    I was happy with MM progress as well. All those E's and unearned runs and no run support hell he did the best he could.

    When we were riding high with Longo out I said beware of any LHP. 3 mediocre lefties later its no surprise we struggled. So no use wringing our hands over it

  2. Andy says:

    Another positive amidst all of the mishaps at the plate & in the field, is that JoeMa finally sat the slumped Pena for a game - well, mostly. Hopefully, he'll be coming out of his funk as early as tomorrow!!!

  3. don says:

    Does Moore look like a starting ML pitcher, or a struggling Rookie that can't understand why those big bad ML hitters keep hitting his 95 Mph fast balls....He was thrown into the deep end of the pool when the Rays gave up the big $ in a long term contract...maybe they made the Davis mistake all over again...
    couple of moore starts something(someone) has to be moved.. there are other options waiting their chance...

  4. James says:

    They are 5-6 without Longo, but they are 1-5 since Jennings has been hurt.


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