Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Joe just felt so damn good for Alex Cobb coming back and pitching brilliantly today to lead the Rays to a 5-2 spanking of the Braves.

The doctors carved open Cobb’s chest last year to untwist a giant vein that was all messed up and affected his pitching arm. And here he was today getting the call-up and going seven strong for the win.

Forget about the glory of the ridiculously deep Rays pitching for a minute, Joe just wants to raise a cold beer to 24-year-old Cobb for grinding back to the big stage and succeeding, especially after a rough start to his Durham season.

What can one say about Matt Joyce’s grand slam in the third inning? Excited expletives come to mind. It was desperately needed and really brought the Trop to near playoff decibels.

Joe’s not big on writing about attendance, but a Saturday afternoon crowd of 27,000+ without a wacky promotion is very solid. Mingling with people across the Bay area and running the again sold out No Excuses Tour, Joe feels confident saying there’s a new buzz and commitment in the air about the Rays.

But even if there wasn’t, a win like this is a reason to feel great about the good guys.





  1. Andrew says:

    The crowd was great. There were plenty of Braves fans, but Rays fans definitely made up the majority of the crowd (which was not always the case in previous years). They gave Cobb a standing ovation after the 7th, and it may have been one of the loudest crowds I've seen at Tropicana Field - people got loud when Rodney recorded the final out.

  2. don says:

    Sports entertainment in this area is just fine on weekends...
    Baseball or no sports are going to draw on Mon/Tue nights... a fact of life in metro Tampabay, but also true in Toronto, Baltimore, Clev. ect ect. time for the "media" and reading fans to get over it and Maybe find some baseball to write about


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