Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

The evoloution of baseball that’s taken chin music out of the game and developed a few generations of pitchers who don’t keep hitters off the plate absolutely stinks.

Joe’s all in favor of bringing back the brushback pitch and those related old school unwritten rules. But even if they were again part of baseball’s fabric, it still wouldn’t excuse what Franklin Morales did tonight to Luke Scott.

Trailing 7-4 in mop-up, ninth-inning duty for the Sox, Morales throws pitch No. 1 behind Scott. Two more pitches come way inside, and then he pelts Scott in the leg way off the plate. He obviously was throwing at him and, based on pitch No. 1, wasn’t very good at it.

So Scott gets hit, the Sox and Rays benches clear for a very long time without punches thrown, and all Morales gets is a warning. Did the umps really not see what everyone watching the game saw? Ted Williams saw it from his grave.

Shameful stuff from the umps, and Joe can’t wait to see when the Rays’ retaliation comes.

That fun aside, the Rays sprayed home runs off Jon Lester around Fenway, with Carlos Pena, Elliot Johnson and Matt Joyce’s grand slam giving the Rays an early 7-1 lead and the win. Bossman had some angry fan interaction, plus some interesting baserunning that didn’t lead to any blunders (barely), and he bumped up his average to .304 with a couple of singles.

Every win against the Sux is a beautiful thing, but as bad as they look right now, the Rays’ work won’t be done until they win this series.





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