Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

What a great Rays win — minus the Bad News Bears imitation, another heinous bunt and the routine Matt Moore implosion.

But 14 glorious hits will save you nearly every time. This one was an 8-5 triumph against the Jays.

Joe Maddon’s magic fix-it routine batting Karlos Pena leadoff paid off big time, with Pena looking more focused and drilling a mammouth three-run bomb to center to cap the Rays’ five-run fourth inning.

Elliot Johnson had three hits, and newbie Drew Sutton smacked a couple of big ones and didn’t look like an almost 29-year-old with 160 or so career humdrum at bats.

This Joe can’t bear to type out the fielding blunders that helped get Matt Moore run. Just know it was ugly, almost as ugly as the stat flashed up by the Sun Sports crew that showed hitters batting about .350 against Moore this season the third time through the batting order. That sure seems like it should be correctable?

Crooked Cap owned the ninth and the Rays finished off the Jays 8-5 and averted a second-place tie.

Savor the hit parade. It doesn’t come around much.





  1. Joe says:

    I'm not too confident against lefties but games like this make me think. Jennings will be back within a week, Evan probably has 2-3 weeks to go and we can still hit and score some runs with the likes of Elliot Johnson, Chris Giminez and Drew Sutton and apparently S-Rod developing the yips on his throws.

    Moore looked like ALDS game 1 Matt Moore for 4 innings and man oh man, sure errors didn't help but the walks, he did not handle that long half inning on the bench very well.

    Now to keep the series streak alive vs Toronto, it will be tricky. A lefty and a good one vs an all the sudden hittable Shields. I do like him vs the Jays though, his change versus their back breaking swings.

  2. don says:

    Rays win 95% of the games in which they hit 3 hr's..look it up
    Moore looks a little weak in the Mental area right now, a little bit of trouble his mind wants to abandon ship...can he get over it..? Price did mostly.....


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