For the most part, Joe Maddon is a happy-go-lucky type of guy. That is until you attack one of his own. Then we see a darker, more vengeful side of Maddon.

When asked about the pitch that hit Luke Scott at the end of tonight’s game, Maddon insinuated that the order came directly from Bobby Valentine by saying it was clear the players weren’t acting on their own.

He then called the move “idiotic…absurd…you can quote me on that,” and then referred to the act as a “weak, cowardly effort.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Maddon made it clear that these type of acts will not only get players hurt, but will get Red Sox players hurt, saying “we will respond to others that do attempt to do it to us.”

Here are his postgame comments (via Sun Sports)…



  1. Dave L says:

    Didnt Scott already get hit earlier once in defense of old lady Fenway?

    Maybe the ghost should spend more energy directing the ball out of the park for Sox pop flies rather than battering Scott.

    Every other time I ever saw a guy get thrown BEHIND him then AFTERwards HIT him, that pitcher is always tossed from the game.

    I hope we winning the next two ball games.

  2. don says:

    I agree with Maddon verbally giving his intentions...but could have spoken better last night two outs, 3 run lead, Ortiz (their DH) at the least one buzz high inside...everyone knows Rodney throws a wild one every now and then...
    game over... your INTENTIONS made clear...
    How about religious boy Zobrist going Johny Gomes when the action starts, also Hickey was looking for out for that guy Red Sux

  3. SLMcGee says:

    Anything on the fan that allegedly threw something at BJ and was escorted out? If the chowds up there are anything like the chowds down here racial slurs were among the things tossed BJ's way.

    Really, for badmouthing that dump you're gonna throw at him? Valentine is an idiot.

  4. Sarah says:

    Well, if Maddon made a point of throwing at every player who ever badmouthed the Trop, we'd be putting a lot of men on base!

    Who knows what rationale Bobby Valentine might have claimed to have here, but basically I think he's had a shaky start and is looking for cheap ways to get the players and fans behind him.


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