Just when we thought we were finally in for a ho-hum mid-week game against a west coast team, that happened. Here are the highlights you won’t see on SportsCenter…

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  1. Dre says:

    my favorite has to be Pena's face during the whole scrum.

  2. Baseballs says:

    Great win, we'll take it for sure. But when did it become cool, manly or even hetero to try to peel the britches off of someone when they do something cool? How is it a badge of honor to have your hoe cakes hanging out on national television? Why in the world does our team of men's men feel it necessary to act out scenes from THE CRYING GAME every time there's a walk-off hit. It never ceases to amaze me... and I'm not sure I like it.

    • Beth says:

      I don't know why they pull down each other's pants either. But do you really have to make this about sexual preference? I mean, is your implication that gay men go around pulling down each other's pants, but "real" men should behave more appropriately? If that's your implication, then....grow up!

      And if I misread your intentions, apologies.

      • Baseballs says:

        It is certainly not my intention to make this about sexual orientation, except to point out that the manner in which this is done (publicly and against the players will) seems to be a significant display of misplaced sexual aggression, much like the iconic scenes of the movie I referenced. When I do well at the office, I don't have my drawers forcibly yanked down for all to enjoy, and I find it strange we are doing it on television in the middle of a baseball diamond. Moreover, in a sport epitomizing masculinity, it seems a celebration a bit out of place - just as it would be if they chanted "Hey Batter batter batter..." like they do in a little league game with 6-year olds. Just doesn't seem to fit.


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