After AJ Pierzynski  spiked Ben Zobrist earlier in the series, Alex Cobb exacted a bit of revenge when he hit Piehead with a pitch early in today’s game. All even? Apparently not.

The White Sox then threw behind Zobrist and Jose Quintana was ejected (notice Pierzynski doesn’t even move his glove).

Well, never shy to be a homer for the Sox, Hawk Harrelson absolutely lost his mind. Here’s the video (via BI Sports)…



  1. SeanDubbs says:

    You should name one of your birds Hawk since they’re both loud squawkers.

    • Hayden says:

      If you are a professional picther and throw a ball behind a Hitter, you do not deserve to be on the mound. What a tool.

      • MARCELO says:

        Hayden, for the looks you don’t know anything about baseball…
        he is not the first nor will be the last pitcher to trow a pitch like that. Talking about TOOLS, takes one to know one….

  2. BW says:

    you gotta be what-ing me?

  3. KillaTapes says:

    He’s such a tool, I relish moments where he gets upset. Absolutely the worst broadcaster in the game.

  4. Mike says:

    Absolutely the right call by Wegner. These White Sox announcers in the video clip are ridiculous. Pierzynski should have been tossed yesterday when he intentionally tried to spike Zobrist at second base. That was not going in hard, that was him trying to injure Zobrist consistent with the bush-leaguer that he is. Regardless, the issue was over with the plucking of Pierzynski, and should have stayed that way. Quintana’s weak attempt at hitting Zobrist at the plate shows not only that he wasn’t man enough to carry out the task, but that he has no clue about baseball’s unwritten code. Everybody on the field, including Wegner, knew it. If he didn’t learn his lesson from Wegner, perhaps Quintana should ask 24 year-old Alex Cobb for a few pointers.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Mike. Pierzynski is an absolute busch leaguer, and always has been. The most common thing I think that goes through people’s minds when he comes up to the plate or when they show him at all is ‘wipe that stupid smerck off your face, you bleached haired d-bag’ (insert expletives where applicable). But it’s even more than that. The over exuberent pounding on the plate after sliding into home at Wrigley Field, his over-the-top antics and ridiculous comments to the media when he played in Minnesota, the list goes on… Bottom line the guy is a first class clown and deserves about as much respect as he dishes out, and I think we can all deduce how much that is.
      Just had to pile on here, and add my two cents to this discussion of one of the biggest a-holes in the game.

      • Jeff says:

        Don’t be mad just cause the brooms came out. SWEEP

        • Mike says:

          Looks like Bud Selig and the White Sox brass both laid into this guy Hawk pretty bad. He may even have to make an apology tonight. That’s overkill, I think. I haven’t heard him enough to know whether he is consistently full of it or not, I just know that he was dead wrong, in substance and in delivery, on his call on Mark Wegner. Your right Jeff, if I had something positive to talk about concerning the White Sox series, I would have. Thank God the Orioles are in town.

    • Steve Paradiso says:

      Ellsworth got it right with every adjective used to describe AJP. As a Tigers fan in Michigan, we despise the punk bully that he is.

    • Moggeman says:

      You can obviously tell that these responses are bush as well. Hawk is a good a broadcaster as there is in the business–engaged, knows-his-stuff, and being int he business for thirty plus years you know he has seen everything. Nice when your teams broadcaster gets his nose in the middle of the rhubarb. What would the Rays announcers do, defend the other team? You don’t know what you are talking about. The ump should have issued a warning prior to this thing blowing up. And can’t you tell–I am a Sox fan.

      • dale says:

        Yeah, can’t you just hear a class act like Vin Scully ranting like that? I’m sure it was clear before the game started that any sign of reprisal was going to be dealt with immediately. Harrelson’s a moron for not knowing that he’d get tossed.

    • Fish says:

      “He gone!” LOL! That’s probably what Zobrist was laughing about… The White Sox announcers are absolutely the worst in baseball. The only time I watch them is when the Rays are in town (I’m in central IL). I’ll even mute the TV and listen to the computer so I don’t torture everyone in the house.

    • MARCELO says:

      You must be a CUB’S fan…what a looser….

  5. Andy says:

    Aside from the bleeping & other choice word(s) ["hell"], this diatribe was totally nonsensical & more bush league than Pierzynski has ever tried to be – & that’s saying a LOT!! Unlike our broadcast team, there was absolutely no mention of the precipitating event by AJ which was equalized by Cobb hitting ‘Piehead’ (love that term, btw!!). smh! Honestly, I rather doubt Quintana called this on his own; my money’s on Mr. Bush League himself!! What a Horse’s Ass!!!

    Kudos to Spanish speaking commenter. (S)he’s the only one to mention, either here or on the air, that the ball was behind Zobrist’s knee!! Had it been on target, he would have been drilled much like Scott was! But don’t you know, Karma got the last word in when Howell plunked that Sox baserunner in that exact spot!! Any video of that call by the Sox booth; Hawk probably went all berserko again!! smh!!!

  6. MarkE says:

    Hey Hawk, is that “unbelievable”? He gaaawwwnnn.

  7. tampafan26 says:

    I’m from Chicago, and sadly his commentating is quite poor all the time. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Hawk and his “can o corn”.

    • steve says:

      You should be ashamed to call yourself from Chicago. The Hawk is the best and much better than the queers on the northside.

      • Jay Chicago says:

        Steve you are not only an idiot but a bigot…have to use an anti-gay slur and knock the Cubs which has nothing to do with this whole affair? Seriously! Come on get real it is 2012 and stop showing the ugly side of White Sox fandom…Hawk Harrelson does that well enough on his own

      • Canes Fan says:

        Hawk is fantasticly entertaining to listen to. Like him, hate him, whatever, he’s entertaining and has a great voice for commentary.

        AJ, AJ is like Hawk. He makes you smile and laugh and adds spice to the game. He’s to the Sox what (although much tamer than) Dennis Rodman was to the Bulls. Every team would love to have an AJ.

      • tampafan26 says:

        Steve, because I don’t like Hawk, you automatically assume I’m a North Sider. I follow the Sox as much as any other Chicago resident. And no, I’m not ashamed of being from Chicago. Its a fact though, Hawk is one of the most biased broadcasters in the game. I can’t take 5 minutes of his commentating.

  8. ac3 says:

    I went to Notre Dame so I caught ALOT of White Sox broadcasts, the Hawk is the most biased unprofessional announcer I have ever heard, ridiculous

  9. Jim says:

    Maybe the Hawk should go back to calling Putt-Putt matches.

  10. Thinker says:

    Hawk is such an embarrassment. he sounds like a backwoods hick. Pierzynski has been a jerk since he put on a uniform. He’s bush. If he is involved in something, most of the time he started it. Best replay I ever saw was Michael Barrett belting him after another dirty play by Pierzynski. He should have been tossed, just for starting the whole thing. Harrelson should be fired. He’s a terrible announcer, and a jerk like pierzynski.

    • steve says:

      How many rings does Barrett have? oh yeah he is out of baseball becuse he sucks, just like the Chubs. If every play in the MLB played like AJ it would be a much better sport.

      • Austin says:

        Steve, you were doing ok until you mentioned everyone should play like AJ. There’s not a more classless player in the league. Josh freaking Beckett could probably teach him a thing or two about people skills.

      • Baseball Ed says:

        Steve–you ain’t real bright are you?

        If everyone played like AJP, you wouldn’t be watching baseball, you’d be watching UFC because all they’d ever do is beat up each other.

  11. Sean says:

    The biggest homer, needs to be taken off the air

    • Andrew says:

      I watch a lot of American League games on, and I have to say that the White Sox announcers are the worst I’ve ever heard. I’d be embarrassed if I was a White Sox fan. Hope your radio announcers are better.

  12. magnus says:

    This broadcaster is terrible. AJ spiked Zobrist so the next day TB hit AJ. At that point, its over. Done. The players took care of it. But, no. The chicago crysox then had to throw at Zobrist again thereby starting the entire event all over again. The Ump did the right thing. This broadcaster needs to be fired and make a living like the rest of us – with hard word. a baseball broadcaster. please. what a cushy job.

  13. Hawkhater says:

    Hawk is the WORST announcer in baseball – one of the few that I try to mute whenever I can. Is this a surprise?

  14. ballfan says:

    So the right call by the ump. Dont want to hear anything about some stupid “Code”, that pitch was knee high and could end a season or maybe even a career. There are at least three in this vid that know nothing about baseball (in the 21st century), the two idiot announcers and one pitcher. what we need is more umps like this to bring an end to this kind of childish and potentially dangerous behavior by what are supposed to be professionals

  15. Brian says:

    All I have to say is Sox sweep. Awwwww too soon? Loser Rays.

  16. sox hater says:

    who cares. sox suck anyway. Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Canes Fan says:

      Really!?!?! Are you a Cubs fan who goes to games to socialize and hires a blonde to accompany him to the game? Sox fans are true fans of the game–not the bar-like setting at Wrigley. Maybe if the Cubs players stopped partying so much they could start winning more consistently.

    • Thomas says:

      Hawk is by far the best broadcaster in the game. He always praises good young players from other teams and acknowledges the skills of opposing managers. He may have been a little over the top with the rant. But in essence he was totally right!!! Simple fact. 2 Sox players were hit and not a peep from the ump…………….enough said.

    • AB13 says:

      Yeah, the FIRST PLACE WHITE SOX suck alright….Let’s check the record of your “FLUBBIES”: 18-32, in last place in their division, and are tied for the second worst record in baseball. Enough said you freakin loser…..

  17. Brian says:

    Wow Sox Hater – No championship since 1908. One of the worst records in baseball. Got swept by the Sox at Wrigley. And the Sox suck. Spoken like a true moron Cub fan.

  18. STLred says:

    You tell him Brian!

  19. Alan says:

    So I guess it’s ok to hit 2 batters and not even give them a warning, and then eject the opposing pitcher when he didn’t even hit the batter! That umpire is a joke, he didn’t have to eject him, a warning would have been sufficient! Hawk had every right to say what he did about that socalled umpire, he obviously had no idea what he was doing! That was the worst call by an umpire I’ve ever seen, the guy is a total disgrace to MLB umpires! And all you morons that are cutting Hawk down saying he’s the worst announcer, I beg to differ, hes the most colorful announcer there is, and not afraid to tell it like it is, it’s refreshing to hear an announcer that livens up the game like he does!

  20. TheCastro says:

    I just want to say to the author the catcher does move his glove, but stops the second he sees it going wide. Please don’t drag him into this and please watch the short video a few more times before making comments like that.

  21. bear says:

    There’s an old saying…Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak. Clearly this announcer falls in the first category.

    • Goodguysfan says:

      Wow. There’s an intelligent statement. I guess being a former All-Star doesn’t qualify him as someone who “knows”. He’s been in the league in one capacity or another since 1963. Guess that doesn’t qualify him either. Do your research before you make such a ridiculous statement. He’s passionate about the game and gets carried away sometimes. That in no way makes him the worst announcer in baseball as some others have said.

  22. Padres57 says:

    At least they might have made it credible…. That was about the lamest peg I’ve ever seen. Now I’ve known pitchers who didn’t want to throw at a batter, even when it was unanimous and everybody was on them to go ahead…some just won’t do it. But if you do do it, at least do it decently. Hit the guy, don’t just throw some lame 70 mph trash a foot behind the guy. I have seen better throws to hit players on pick-offs at second…. And besides all that….after pegging P, it should have ended there. They don’t call ‘em the Sux for nothing…

  23. Jay Chicago says:

    Hawk and his mouth piece side kick ARE way off base. He was not even close to the plate, to the target and if it was anyone else but Zobrist maybe he gets a warning. Claiming it was low made it OK? What are these broadcasters thinking. Hawk needs to aplogize publicly to that crew who did do the right thing or be suspended by MLB. There is no room for that kind of diatribe in professional broadcasting. The Sox crews on TV and radio are the worst in MLB

  24. ToofarawayfromBoston says:

    I am not, particularly, a fan of Harrelson’s but I loved his reaction and agree with him. Good on ya, Hawk!

  25. Jeff says:

    Hawk is an absolutely awful announcer. I’ve heard every announcer for every team in the league and he is by far the worst, I’m surprised they even keep him on the air. Reminds me of a whiny little kid, the way he taunts every other team than Chicago, the way he mocks any professional baseball player that isn’t a White Sock. It’s childish and embarrassing. How the hell is that entertaining?

    • Richard says:

      I agree that Hawk has reason to be upset. The umps did seem to be one-sided in their calls during that series. However, as a professional announcer you should be able to dial it back a notch or two.

      Is Hawk the announcer that says “he gone” after every opposing batter strikes out? God that’s annoying. He may know his stuff, but I certainly wouldn’t want to listen to that for 9 innings.

  26. Ryan says:

    The ball was low and below the waist so Hawk has some ground to stand on. That being said, if the slide was so bad that AJ missed the bag to try to hurt Zobriest then the umpire should have called runners interference and ruled the call a double play. There’s no need for all the retaliation that is done in baseball under the g

  27. Ryan says:

    guise of “the way the game’s played.”

  28. What a jerk is Hawk Harrelson, that guy has nothing to do broadcasting baseball, he doesn’t know anything about baseball, he has no business in the sport.

    The pitcher tried to intentionally hit the batter… Of course, he had to be ejected… I wish the umpire had listen what Harrelson was saying, I’m very sure he would’ve ejected him too.

    • BitterOldMan says:

      So if a pitcher deliberately hits a batter (and it’s the 2nd batter that he’s hit in the game) that’s ok, but if a pitcher throws a “purpose pitch” that’s low and outside but not even close to hitting the batter it warrants an immediate ejection?

      Get a clue.

      The Sox for the last few years, under that blowhard moron Ozzie had many more of their batters hit than the opposition. Ventura is just sending a message that this will no longer be tolerated, and if you throw at one of the Sox then expect retaliation.

  29. martyboer says:

    Hawk was a idiot when he played for Boston and he is still a idiot. He gone

  30. Linden Frank says:

    I hate the Hawk. He has “no business” in the booth. And he doesn’t know what the games about. I used to like/not love but like the Sox but since AJ and Hawk are “onboard” I’ve been “puking” alot. Now I call them the Sux. Great to be a cub fan.

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