During a typical Rays game, we will be watching both the Rays and the opponent’s television coverage, and often have Dave Wills and Andy Freed on the radio. So thankfully one reader was listening more closely to the Tigers television crew of Mario Impemba and Rod Allen.

At the beginning of the ninth inning, a Fox Sports camera catches Jose Valverde warming up in the bullpen, at which point,  Allen says “Papa Grande” should just go sit down, that this game is over. This was just moments before Jeff Keppinger singled to start the game-winning rally…

Of course, many of us at home also mistakenly thought the game was over. But when you are broadcasting the game, best not to be so cocky about it. Or else we will upload it so that the entire world can giggle about it later.


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  1. Beth says:

    You'd think after Dan Shaughnessy became a You Tube sensation after game 162 that sportscasters would learn to avoid premature gloating.


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