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Playing A Little Pepper

Jose Molina has been horrible at the plate. And if we consider his overall defense, he hasn’t been much better behind the plate. Should this be a concern moving forward?

Stop the Presses! The Rays suck at catcher. We’re not sure if Molina will improve on balls in the dirt, but we expect him and the pitchers to eventually get used to each other, which hopefully will improve the pitching. The bat is what it is, and we aren’t expecting much from there. But the Rays have made the playoffs 3 of last 4 years with equally poor catching, so we just have to live with it…INJURIES TO OTHER CATCHERS ARE MORE WORRISOME


With BJ Upton back, this will be a typical lineup moving forward…

  1. Flash Jennings, LF
  2. Ben Zobrist, 2B
  3. Carlos Pena, 1B
  4. Evan Longoria, 3B
  5. Luke Scott, DH
  6. Matt Joyce, RF
  7. BJ Upton, CF
  8. Chris Gimenez, C
  9. Sean Rodriguez, SS
  10. Matt Moore, SP

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  1. Andy says:

    So agree that Molina has left much to be desired so far!!! Behind the plate is where it really hurts b/c that was supposed to be his forte!! 🙁 And not only the balls in the dirt, but his overall slow responses to any balls he needs to go after - foul balls, those that bounce away, etc!!! Also have noticed that he seems to struggle w/crouching down far enough when he sets up to receive the pitches. Our pitching staff doesn't need his help to struggle!! And, again, framing pitches was supposed to be something he did well. WTF happened???


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