This post, which will appear before every game, will include starting lineups (when we learn them) and during the game will include a Game Graph that will constantly update the percent chance the Rays have of winning this particular game.

Game Graph

Source: FanGraphs
Playing A Little Pepper

Carlos Pena has been huge so far, but he will eventually hit a cold streak. If he is so hot and cold, why is he so important to the Rays?

All hitters are streaky to some extent, even Evan Longoria. And that is why Pena is so important. When Longoria was the Rays’ only big hitter, if he went cold, the entire offense went cold. Now the Rays have two big bats. Both are capable of carrying a team. And the chances that both will go cold for an extended period at the same are slim. The Rays offense still isn’t great. But the Rays shouldn’t have any long periods of sucktitude either…Another Big Bat Option When Longo Goes Cold


  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Carlos Pena, 1B
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Matt Joyce, LF
  5. Ben Zobrist, RF
  6. Jeff Keppinger, 2B
  7. Stephen Vogt, DH
  8. Jose Molina, C
  9. Reid Brignac, SS
  10. David Price, SP

Song to get you pumped up

The Red Sox can bully if they want. But let’s face it, the Rays are simply the better team right now…





  1. Mike M says:

    Damn it! I had this song stuck in my head all last week and finally got it out of my head...

  2. Rob says:

    Can someone tell me why the infield was pulled in down 10-1? I think the outs are more important than the runs at that point.


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