This post, which will appear before every game, will include starting lineups (when we learn them) and during the game will include a Game Graph that will constantly update the percent chance the Rays have of winning this particular game.

Game Graph

Source: FanGraphs

Playing A Little Pepper

Our very own Honey Badger, Fernando Rodney already has 4 saves despite only facing 14 batters. Who will finish with more saves this season, Rodney or Kyle Farnsworth?

Honey Badger just looks like a closer out there. And it is clear that Joe Maddon has a lot of faith in him. The bigger question might be Farnsville’s health. The Rays say it will only be a few weeks. We suspect it will be longer, and even then, we don’t know if Farnsworth will be as good as he was last season, especially if he needs to eliminate a pitch from his arsenal. Rodney is the closer now. And he will probably remain in that role…RODNEY


  1. Flash Jennings, CF
  2. Carlos Pena, 1B
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Luke Scott, DH
  5. Ben Zobrist, RF
  6. Matt Joyce, LF
  7. Sean Rodriguez, 2B
  8. Reid Brignac, SS
  9. Chris Gimenez, C
  10. Jeff Niemann, SP

Song to get you pumped up

A night game? A night game. Let’s dance!





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