On this date six years ago, a biology professor that was hiding from his students during office hours on opening day of the baseball season, started a blog. That Professor had little idea what he was doing as is clearly evident in his first-ever post, a post that included a Jonny Gomes home run.

But he started to find his stride later that day when he wrote about a journalist that predicted the Devil Rays would win the World Series…in 2006! That post got a lot of play on the interwebs, and there was no looking back.

So, Happy Birthday to us!



  1. Charles says:

    There may be other Rays blogs, but there's only one BEST Rays blog, and this is it. Happy Birthday!

  2. Dew says:

    Congrats Cork. I wasn't looking for a Rays blog until 2008. Then I found you and have been a constant happy visitor ever since.

  3. Dave L says:

    Thanks so much Cork and Happy Birthday to this place we all congregate


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