Attendance for tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins was 31,774.

How big of a number is that?

Last April 16, also a Saturday, the Rays played the Twins and sold just 16,428 tickets. In fact, the only crowds bigger than 31,774 in 2011 were opening day versus the Orioles (34,078), and a Saturday game in July against the Red Sox (32,487).

Well done Rays fans. Well done.



  1. Grace says:

    We are doing our best, Joe. See you tomorrow....and T,W, the Trop!

  2. Michael says:

    Not only against the Twins... but during an area-wide thunderstorm

  3. don says:

    A crushing blow to the media...bad attendance stories.....
    Now see Media hype or lack of it with the "Babe Ruth" of our Time coming to town Tue.Wed.thur.

  4. s says:

    yes i know, it's early but we are outdrawing the marlins!!! bahahahaha!!!!

    • Don says:

      All we need is a new stadium in Tampa and we will outdraw NY, Boston,
      Phil ect ect.... ask Bud S. and the local media..they know best!

  5. beazy says:

    with da Trop @ 7th in the league for % of stadium capacity...

  6. Kenyan_SoteroCare says:

    Well they followed it up with only 26,000 on Sunday, so things are back to normal. St. Pete just isn't a baseball town.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Huh? Teams that drew less than 27,000 on Sunday: KC, Oakland, Seattle, San Diego, Houston. And Atlanta had 28,000. That's 7 of the 12 games that were played yesterday.

      Hey, I think the team would do better in Tampa. And I think St. Pete has some problems. But drawing 26,000 on a Sunday is not one.


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