Fifty “experts” from ESPN and, weighed in with their predictions for the 2012 season, and there is no shortage of love for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Of the 50 projections, seven (14%) pick the Rays to win the World Series. Of course, take this with a grain of salt. Last year, there were 45 experts and every one picked the Red Sox to win the East, and 33 picked Boston to win it all.

Here’s the breakdown for the Rays…

But what is really bizarre is that 49 of the experts pick the Yankees to make the playoffs, but only three pick New York to win the World Series…



  1. Beth says:

    So have these experts seen the opening day lineup (as discussed in comments thread and post above?)

  2. Rich says:

    Although pre-season predictions should be taken with a pound (versus a grain) of salt, I find it most interesting how much the media's perception of the Red Sox has changed in just short one year.


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