Given the fact Rays fans have come to realize that the Rays don’t exactly have much of an offense thanks to the Derek Shelton-led concept of working the count, Rays fans can (could?) always point to the pitching staff, knowing if the offense could just score four or five runs, the Rays would be in the game if not win.

So much for that concept.

The philosophy of superior pitching will win games was blown up at Fenway Park this weekend as the vaunted Rays hurlers thus far have been lit up for 31 runs in three games.

No team that leans on Derek Shelton to teach hitting is going to overcome that.

Sure the starting pitching hasn’t been awful, but it surely hasn’t been stellar (Joe’s looking right at you, David Price). The bullpen has been beyond miserable this series thus far.

Matt Moore actually pitched OK. The Rays were in the game. Sadly, a sober fan just cannot expect the Derek Sheltons to score more than five runs a game each night out. That’s what happened today in a 6-4 loss today.

Sadly, unless the bullpen turns things around, the starting rotation is going to have to pitch like Bob Gibson or Tom Glavine each and every night.



  1. Sam Bliesner says:

    Matt Moore pitched great, he hit his spots most of the game. The game that was being called was not good. The Cody Ross home run was called right down the middle.... exactly where Moore pitched it. Catching needs taken care of before the trade deadline. As of right now, it's not cutting out. And Derek Shelton is definitely a huge problem.

    • Rob says:

      I agree the catchers on this team are not good. I can't believe I actually miss the tandem of Shoppach and Jaso right now. However, they only make suggestions, the responsibility for the pitch selection/sequence is on the pitcher. Moore probably gets a bit of a pass due to his inexperience, but the pitch selection from Price and Hellickson were terrible this series.

  2. Grace says:

    I am just wore out after this bad 3 days. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.

    • Rob says:

      Just an awful series. I was a little worried about this road trip with all of the day games. The Rays seem to have some of their worst games under the sun (See no hitters by Braden and Jackson and the perfect game by Buehrle).

  3. Andrew says:

    While the catching situation is far from enviable, Giminez had 2 hits today in his first start (and had they not insisted on having him bunt with a 2-0 count against 90 yr old Atchinson, who knows)...and Molina had 1 also. That's where this one was lost IMO, once it's 2-0 force the guy to throw a strike rather than have an inexperienced player bunt, especially one who had 2 hits on the day.

  4. Michael says:

    A few things I noted from this game.

    There seems to be some trepidation between Carlos Pena and Jeff Keppinger in starting double plays.

    I've seen a couple of 3-4-3's that were not performed because Carlos decided to go to first instead of throwing it to Keppinger, and one happened today that would have been close, but certainly not impossible.

    I feel like Zobrist or S-rod could have turned those


    then... Price, Helly, and Moore all touched up 3 games in a row by a team with a good but certainly not unstoppable offense is too weird to simply chalk up to not being on their game. It makes you wonder exactly how much Shoppach can help the Sox... as some commented, it seemed like the Red Sox knew what was coming


    finally Brian Anderson made a great point in the broadcast... the Rays pitching staff doesn't really bite back when they are against the wall... nobody really tries to brush back hitters from the plate. Ortiz for example was starting his stride before Matt Moore's arm was even coming forward... just huge power rip after power rip until a fastball got close to the zone... the Rays might have to be more aggressive in this regard.

  5. Dave L says:

    I couldnt disagree with you more on Shelton being the culprit. Shelton was brought in to teach hitting exactly how JoeMa wants him to which fits his and AF philosophy. A hitting coach isnt going to turn Johnson or SRod or Bigny into Rod Carew.

    As I noted in an earlier post, in the first 3 games we faced teams with superior hitters at virtually every position. If we dont stop them from scoring we are going to lose its very simple.

    Working the count allows mediocre hitters to strike out later in the count, walk more, get pitch counts up which gets us to send more time facing less effective middle relievers.

    The Rays have scored way more runs than their batting averages would have predicted last year. So essentially you are arguing against the whole Rays philosophy.

    Boderline major league hitters free swinging is not the solution, sorry.

    We are doing the best with the cards we are dealt. When our opponent scores 30+ runs in 3 games they will be almost always sporting brooms

  6. s says:

    JP Howell 15 pitches, 3 hits, 1 BB. so much for that great spring training huh? seriously how many outings like this does he get? everyone says he's healthy, then a couple more of these and he needs to be shown the door. it's time to put up or be labeled "left handed batting practice".

    he had a full year to "rehab" at our expense last year. Joe and company blamed it on health. it sure looks like it's a physical and mental issue to me. he is not a MLB caliber pitcher anymore!!!


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