It’s fun to watch the Rays when they can hit.

Generally, if people look for offense from the Rays, the Derek Shelton Warriors will more often than not, disappoint.

Not tonight.

While Hellboy had — like David Price the previous evening — an OK outing (not good, but OK), the Rays bats bailed him out, with the long ball no less (again).

Dirtbag, though he had yet another error in the field (WTF is going on?), Dirtbag made up for it with a towering blast to dead center. THat’s the way to make up for a bad night with the glove!

Desmond Jennings seems to have snapped out of his slump with a homer as well. Wolverine had a pretty blast for two RBIs in the ninth just for some insurance, though Fernando “Kung Fu” Rodney and his dreaded crooked cap didn’t need the insurance.

(The way Jake McGee and Burke Badenhop tried to blow the game in the sixth sure seemed like the Rays would need a lot of insurance runs.)

Now the Rays come home to a good team in the Twins. Take advantage of the No Excuses Tour. It should be fun.

Thursday night’s game sure was.


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  1. MarkE says:

    The 6th inning was very unsettling. My instincts were telling me the bullpen was about to blow a 3 run lead and then some. It was refreshing to see them pull it off.

    Howell looked good again. I can't remember the last time he saw 1.1 innings. I think his pitch selection (Molina?) is much smarter so far this season. Seems that he's setting up players with the unexpected fastball (i.e. 86 mph) before going to his filthy stuff. It also seems like he's had an 0-2 count on most batters this season because all they've expected was the breaking ball, but got the fastball.

    I swear I can see Molina looking over at the batter on deck to make sure they're watching -- then, when they come to the plate, he confuses them with the opposite pitch they just witnessed.

    Howell's key is to get ahead in the count and not let each batter see too much of that curve ball.

    Jennings's bat is getting hot. He was a few feet short of TWO HRs last night.


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