Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Well, you knew Jeff Keppinger at cleanup was going to get exposed at some point, and his 0-for-5 protecting Evan Longoria qualified today.

What a dump of a 7-2 loss in the rubber game at Detroit. Joe never thought he’d be yearning for the pop in Reid Brignac’s bat, but that’s about what this came down to with Sean Rodriguez and Matt Joyce looking lost and joining Keppinger in taking a collar. Joyce watching a two-strike fastball right down the pipe with two aboard and one out in the eighth was absolutely painful. Desmon Jennings following that by jogging out a ground ball wasn’t pretty, either.

Jeff Niemann didn’t look comfortable, but there was at least enough there to think he might settle in and finish off hitters in future starts. As long as he doesn’t have to hand games off to Jake McGee, he should be just fine.

The 4-2 start is glorious, but this one showed the dark side of this team. Hopefully, it won’t be seen in Boston.




  1. Michael says:

    Everyone who was ready to ship BJ Upton to Washington on Monday should watch the replay of this game.

    Keppinger is an important piece of the offense but that does not mean he’s an RBI guy. That’s where we need Upton today to sock one into the gap.

    Upton will push Joyce out of the lineup against lefties, as it should be…

    • s says:

      keppinger is a contact hitter, just like kotchman was for us last year. easy on the BJ stuff, he could have just as easily been left looking at strike 3 vs “socking” if to the gap.

      did anyone notice the contract that damon signed yesterday. wow, did we overpay that much for him last year?

      • s says:

        is there no team out there that is willing to trade a SS capable of hitting .250 with a few years on there contract for BJ? sure BJ would make our team better, but is there any question that trading him for a MLB shortstop that could play for us for a couple of years for a hell of a lot less that what he’ll make would make us better also?

        i’m not expected an all-star infielded in a trade here. all i’m asking is a SS that would start for any most teams. briggy and srod are at best backups on most teams, if that. a BJ trade for a starting SS isn’t asking to much. we’ve waiting long enough on reid to produce, it’s time to cut that cord.

  2. Don says:

    How many years in the biggs now for Rodriquez & Joyce…3/4/ yrs?
    Does anyone think they look better at the plate now….. than what they did when they first came to the Rays?

    • Rob says:

      It feels like if the first 5 hitters don’t produce a run we have to wait until the lineup turns over before there is another chance to score.

  3. don says:

    Damon signing: DO we have any players hitting .260,15 hrs,80 RBIs . signed for $1Mil… and lots of Florida friends & Fans…..
    Just wondering?

    • s says:

      shhhhh, don. don’t tell anyone but damon put up numbers that were pretty much equal to BJ’s last year. the ONLY stats that stand out is BJ had more SB, and damon had a lot less SO.

      so how much is BJ’s “great defense” really worth? come on BJ lovers, please put a price on it? how many plays does he make in the field every year that an starting CF wouldn’t make? if BJ is worth $7 million, then why isn’t damon worth $1,5? We need a SS a lot more than we need a CF, especially a lame duck, that is not going to re-sign.

      • Rob says:

        I like Damon, but he is generally considered to be the worst outfielder in the league now that Burrell has retired and he is in the twilight of his career. It is not a surprise that 29 other teams passed on him a week into the season.

        • Don says:

          i’m sure Damon likes you too….who needs his bat? $1mil for Him…..
          no way..we have lots of good hitters..

          • Rob says:

            He batted .238 w/32 RBIs after the all star break last year. I think his age is catching up to him. Not saying there aren’t guys in the lineup who are worse, but with the addition of Scott at DH, there isn’t anywhere to play him. The Rays are not going to sacrifice defense for an average hitter on the decline.

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