Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

This one went from a Rays laugher in Texas early to within inches of a horrendous nightmare in the eighth inning. Isn’t baseball fun?

This is why those antacid companies are so profitable.

Kudos to Wade Davis for shaking off a near grand slam, then a near wild pitch with a true defensive gem at home plate, before coming up roses in the wild eighth inning.

And Joe has to praise the grit — and that sick pickoff move — of James Shields. He grinded out the rare 11-hitter, an 8-4 victory, on a day the Rays didn’t need him to be anywhere close to perfect. Now his perfect record runs to 4-0.

Of course, the Rays’ four-run first innng could have been much more and averted all this late drama against the AL leaders. But what fun would that have been?

The streak now sits at six games. These Ws in the bank are going to be oh so meaningful come September.





  1. Dave L says:

    Nothing about that game even made me close to thinking of the word choke.

    Only thoughts were about clutch hitting, piling up runs, Sheilds pitching well and beating the hottest team in MLB in their sold out park.

    I love having a Davis in the pen. He has turned out to be much more valuable there than struggling in the 5 spot to last 90 or 100 pitches. He was awesome and had walnuts of steel last night.

  2. don says:

    Rays take major step in proving to themselves they can play with the big boys....Rays win a slug fest with the best hitters in our bench..Kepp.(3-3) E. John (2-4) got to have Rangers pitchers shaking in their Texas Boots..
    ALso Davis ( florida tough guy) may have found his nitch in ML baseball...


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