Joe is back with his post-game thoughts….

Two games into his 2012 season and B.J. Upton already has reassumed his role as the Rays’ most captivating and polarizing player.

He’s making plays in the outfield tonight (making you wonder just a little last night), hitting into a critical double play in the fourth, then breaking the game open with a clutch single in the sixth. All the while senslessly begging to get picked off first base, which luckily didn’t happen.

Welcome back, Bossman. It wouldn’t be a
hair-pulling Rays season without you.

Speaking of hair pulling, the blown suicide squeeze with Jose Molina chugging down from third base was a real kick in the nuts.

But this was a glorious 4-1 win, with the Rays doing right for James Shields at the plate and in the field.

Two things Joe must point out: first, the tank-topped cuties that were constantly on camera over the third-base dugout drinking, talking, dancing and playing with their hair surely made the game more enjoyable. If the Rays want better TV ratings, somebody needs to give these ladies season tickets.

Finally, 31,000+ in the house? For the Twins? This just might be a special year at the gate, which would wonderfully muddy Bud Selig’s new-stadium narrative.





  1. MarkE says:

    REALLY enjoyed the crowd AND the jumbo tron, yes! It'll be interesting to see the attendance numbers today because everyone and their brother wanted that Longo figurine last night. The lines before the gates opened were longer than I've ever seen them. Today will paint a truer picture of Rays vs. Twins attendance numbers.

    I can remember several dozen times last year when I was begging them to run a squeeze or manufacture a run in a no-brainer, low-risk situation -- and they didn't. Yet, with Lightning McQueen on third last night, they DO? Wow, let's get the zero-fundamental-logic decisions out of our system now, can we?

    Ron Gardenhire walks the batter in front of Upton to get to him in one at-bat, then the next, he's changing out pitchers when BJ comes to the plate. Welcome to the club Ron, we have no clue what we're going to get from Upton either.

    The ONLY positive to Upton being back, in my opinion, is defense (when he's in the mood to play all-out). And you had to be there (with a 2nd or 3rd seating-level perspective) to appreciate how fast BJ got to that liner last night. He is, no doubt, faster than DJ (qualifier: when he feels motivated to be).

    I didn't watch the telecast of the game, but was Shields getting squeezed on the low zone pitches in the later innings? Sure looked like it from my seat.

    • don says:

      How fast did Upton get to Willinghams line drive Fri night, when he was playing shallow left center field (what helping Jennings) with one of the hotest power hitters in the league at bat, what was he hoping for a Blop single? People see Uptons catches and say what a great fielder he is, but you don't watch him on important attention...
      Upton would look better with his hat sideways...

      • MarkE says:

        OK, I'm bored, I'll bite.

        Thanks for the good baseball advice Don. I'll pay more "attention". Let me try it with shorter words for ya:

        I'm not an Upton fan. (see my comments in pa-ren-the-sis - in my post).

        I'm a fan of the game - baseball. So if I see a good play, I'll applaud it (to clap one's hands). If I see a lazy player, I'll mention it -- as I have many times here on RI (Rays Index) - and been called out for it.

        I don't think BJ Upton is a good fit for this team. But if he adds to a win, I'll give him the credit. He could have easily helped lose that game with his stupid base running and selfish batting approach, but it just so happens, if you watched the game, his hit won it.

        Hope you understand, Don. I would draw you pictures, but you can't submit them in this forum.

        • don says:

          I didn't hear you say anything about Fri. night, Upton miss playing the winning hit...guess I missed your picture?
          I give both sides..applause and reality....

          • Jason C says:

            Don, you do realize that Maddon positions the Rays defensively, right? Upton plays where he plays because Maddon and the rest of the coaching staff want him playing there. Upton is far from perfect, but at least criticize him for things that are his fault...taking strike 3s and the occasional bone-headed base running faux pas.


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