Well, the Derek Shelton Warriors have struggled quite a bit since arriving in Beantown last week. But man, when they (finally) break out, they break out big time.

It wasn’t just slap singles either. Bombs were the order of the day. First it was Zorilla. Then it was Matt Joyce and Sean Rodriguez (SEAN RODRIQUEZ?) added to the fun and the icing on the cake was Wolverine in the ninth.

Wow, four homers. That’s big, that’s huge.

Interestingly, the Rays didn’t need all of those runs. David Price had a decent game (good, not great) and the pen slammed the door the rest of the way. Wade Davis looked — dare Joe say? — dominant. J.P. Howell looked like the J.P. Howell of old, toying with Jays batters to end the game.

Nice win. Refreshing win. Fun win.

Keep it up boys.



  1. Michael says:

    The only word for what J.P. Howell did to Bautista is “dominated”

  2. Rob says:

    I just hope they didn’t spend all of their runs tonight and have something left in the tank for tomorrow.

  3. Andy says:

    Watching Wade & JP do so well was super!! Hope the O keeps on coming!! And, how nice it is to finally have what looks like a designated HITTER!!! Keep it up, boys!!!

  4. don says:

    PREDICTION: Rays will win 99.7% of all the games they hit 4 HRs. Zobrist should have hit 2nd all season, much better get on base man than Pena..but don’t worry he won’t stay there….
    Maybe Upton 0for 6 in minor league games last night….
    take Kepp. out of line up for him??

    • Drew says:

      Ben Zobrist career on base percentage: .348
      Carlos Pena career on base percentage: .353

      Ben Zobrist 2012 on base percentage: .373
      Carlos Pena 2012 on base percentage: .463

    • Jason C says:

      Yes, you definitely take Keppinger out of the lineup for BJ…Even a BJ hater should know that hes 10x the player that Kepp is.

      • don says:

        Bj upton is not 10x better than me…I would strike out less than 200 times a year I guarantee
        C. PEna could not carry Zobrist’s Jock strap as a baseball player, another 150 strike outs a year hitting 2nd, can’t sacrifice, can’t run, buts hits 2nd…my man Maddon
        Kepp will have a better BA than Upton this year I’ll Bet anything you want….so sit him for Upton…Jennings is fine in CF

        • Jason C says:

          Kepp could have a better BA and Upton would still be 10x the player Kepp is….and 100000000x the player you are.

  5. Rob says:

    I like this slightly modified lineup from yesterday:

    Flash Jennings, LF
    Ben Zobrist, 2B
    Carlos Pena, 1B
    Evan Longoria, 3B
    Luke Scott, DH
    BJ Upton, CF
    Matt Joyce, RF
    Jose Molina, C
    Sean Rodriguez, SS

    • Jason C says:

      Yea, Im leaning towards BJ hitting 2nd or 6th. I’d probably start him in the 9 hole though until he gets his swing down. Once he has about 5 or 6 games under his belt, i’d move him to 2nd vs lefties and 6th vs righties.

      • don says:

        Are you Maddons brother…riding your bicycle..filling up a line up card…you can’t be any worse..how about Brig. 2rd or 3th..Maddon likes him..or he wouldn’t be here..Strikes out less than Upton…same BA..

        • Jason C says:

          Are you a dinosaur? Always talking about batting average. OBP and OPS are MUCH better indicators of a player’s offensive ability.

          By the way, Don, are you a Rays fan? I honestly can’t recall the last positive comment you’ve made about them. I understand that you fill a role here, but don’t you get tired of being negative? 3 of the last 4 years, the Rays have made the playoffs…4 of the last 4 years you’ve been a negative nanny. You’d think, if you really were a Ray’s fan, that wouldnt be true…..

          • don says:

            Ok you win, BJ Upton is a fantastic player, he just gets a lot of bad calls from the umpires…OK is that better? DO I now sound like an informed fan…like you?

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