It’s all feelin’ real good about now. Luke Strangebeard is swinging a sweet stick with those fast hands of his. The other big guns are hot, and it doesn’t really matter if Reid Brignac still can’t hit or Jake Magee looked like a nervous lamb before a slaughter.

(Picked off third, Brignac, really, after a pickoff move to first and a play at second that saw your teammate in safely?)

There’s definitely plenty of nitpicking in order with this 2-0 record behind un-Rayslike pitching. But who wants to be a buzzkill on a Saturday night? The only thing worth bitching about is the theft of Evan Longoria’s opposite field home run. That was conclusive evidence? Please.

Two sold-out crowds and two Yankees beatdowns, tonight 8-6, might even leave a guy dreaming that the Rays could see a real bump in attendance this year and St. Pete could start competing with Tampa to house the good guys for the next 30 years.

Dust off the brooms.





  1. ALLEN says:

    You gotta love the hitting, but who's this pathetic pitching imitation we picked up from Seattle, Josh Lueke? He'll be lueke to finish the season on this team, or any team for that matter. It would be great to see Price pitch with more confidence. We have a long season ahead of us, but it sure is fun to see the Rays start with this kind of offense. Welcome home Carlos Pena and welcome aboard Luke Scott. Both are contributing well to this team, and so is Keppinger. Joyce redeemed himself tonight too. Go Rays!

  2. Michael says:

    There were a ton more Yankees fans at the game tonight than on Friday.

    On Friday I'd say it was 4 or 5 to 1

    Saturday it was MAYBE 2 to 1. Perhaps less.

    • Don says:

      SO whats the point? Maybe Yankee fans work on Fri afternoons and thus pay taxes..should we get rid of them?


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