Here are some images from opening day. You can click on any image for a larger view. And below the gallery, click the “read more” for some GIFs from opening day..

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Click here to see some GIFs from opening day…

Carlos Pena was so happy about his opening day performance that he LET BJ Upton apply the post-game shaving cream pie…

This kid is supposedly happy. But we would hate to see his angry face…

Check out how Jose Molina framed this pitch against Mark Teixeira. It is a work of art. The movement of his glove at the end is subtle, but enough. Many catchers move their glove too much. This was perfect…



  1. Ron Villeneuve says:

    If Pena hits 250 and 10 HRs for the season it will be a miracle!
    Joe Madden believes he has a baseball team is just more of his Bull S---

    • Sam Bliesner says:

      It's funny... more of his "BS" works better than others... Pena hit to the opposite field twice yesterday. Twice. I have never seen that happen before from him. He strikes out, but walks. He brings the offense that is needed and glove to be secure behind.

      • Cork Gaines says:

        This is something that Maddon and Shelton have always tried to hammer home with Pena. When Pena struggles, he gets into this mode where he thinks the only way out it is to do what he does best and just try to crush a ball 500 feet to right field.

        But when he does that, he forgets that he has enough power to hit home runs to any part of the park. And in the end, a 400-foot home run counts just as much as a 500-foot home run.

        But when Pena is really dialed-in, he hits a lot more balls to center and left-center. So yesterday was a good sign that he will be hot to start the season.

  2. Andy says:

    Some excellent pics & captions!! Jennings sure does look safe in that view!! & comments @ Pena's curtain call & seeing Wade on Opening Day were GR8!!! Thanks for these!!!

    Btw, is there any reason the sunburst in CF isn't yellow (even pale or an outline) like the one on the mound is? I've wondered that since it appeared. As it is, it almost looks like a faded, old image 🙁

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Actually, I wondered the same thing and checked with Major League Baseball. It turns out they have a rule that states teams can't paint the grass, but they can cut the grass to show graphics, like we see in many stadiums.

      And therefore, any graphics on the turf must also be green. In other words, it can only look like they "cut the grass" to look that way as it looks in stadium that actually have grass.

      I guess the feeling is that they are worried teams would take it too far and someday do something like Boise State where the entire football field is blue.


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