We already went over the final pitch of yesterday’s game and explained why it was just a good baseball play, even if the Red Sox did get screwed on that pitch. But that didn’t stop the folks at ESPN from taking a not-too-subtle jab at the Rays’ win.

Here’s the clip…


Geez people.You act like these were the only bad strikezone calls in baseball yesterday. Hell, the Red Sox weren’t even the only team in this game to get screwed by a wide strikezone.

Click here to see one last strikezone plot… 

This one is all the called balls and strikes against right-handed batters in yesterday’s game. Again, this is from the catcher’s point-of-view.

The key here are the red marks (called strikes). Red Triangles are called strikes for the Rays. Red Squares are called strikes for the Red Sox. Notice the cluster of Red marks outside of the strikezone on the right side. We count four for the Rays and four for the Red Sox (the one near the top appears to be touching the black).

In other words, Larry Vanover was consistent with his strikezone all day. Get over it.



  1. SeanDubbs says:

    In their timeline they also put Red Sox shutout instead of Rays win or something similar.

    • Dave L says:

      Thats because you forget we are the Washington Generals! We dont win games, the important teams lose them to us. We are merely their un-named foil.


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