Evan Longoria was pulled from the game early tonight after injuring his knee sliding into second base. When asked after the game if Longoria would have an MRI, Joe Maddon said “I think so” (via JB Long)

Longoria appeared to injure his knee running from first to second on a steal attempt, grimacing after he slid and grabbing at his left knee (above).

The team initially called the injury “knee soreness.” And after the game, Maddon said that Longoria felt “a little bit sore behind the knee” (via Marc Topkin).

Here’s video of where the injury may have occurred…



  1. John Michael says:

    Well, crap.

    • Joe says:

      well sad, man, well said.

      he's been so locked in all season (at least with the bat), I just hope it's not as serious as his previous injuries. Evan is a lot of things but a quick healer is not one of them.

  2. Wizzle says:

    ugh. i didn't get to watch the game live, but knew via a text from a friend longo was hurt. then, watching the game later i saw that caught stealing and saw it happen. it didn't look bad, but sometimes the worst injuries occur on plays that don't immediately show a bad injury. we can't continue to play .600+ baseball without his bat (his glove.....ehhh) so i really hope it's something that will be day-to-day and won't require the 15 day DL.


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