Needless to say, many people are having a laugh at David Price’s expense after he injured his neck by toweling off “too vigorously” (you can see Price talking about the injury HERE. Well, here’s one example from the guys at “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on ESPN Radio…

In defense of King David, this is EXACTLY why Joe Maddon is such a great manager. Bear with us…Maddon has created a culture in that locker room that encourages players to be themselves and not to care what people outside the locker room think. He is a parent that has raised an entire locker room of those cool kids that can always do or say anything without fear, when the rest of us are too scared to be ourselves. THIS is Maddon’s greatest trait as a manager.


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  1. Don says:

    I should have been on the show...I got him first..just saying..I could give them lots of Maddon stories


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