Remember all those good feelings we had towards the Orioles after Game 162 last season? This will taint that a little.

The conversation started with the MASN television crew (Gary Thorne and ?) discussing the recent franchise valuations, in which the Rays were one of just two teams to have a decrease in value over the previous year. And from there, it quickly spiraled into referendum on whether St. Pete or Tampa can support a baseball team at all.

Here’s the video, and you might want to be sitting and out of range of any sharp objects…



  1. CRRaysHead90 says:

    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt one time. And even if I wasn’t I still wouldn’t hold it against the Orioles, I’d hold it against MASN.

  2. Don says:

    The only thing worse than “trash” media… is repeating trash media, your trying to give some credibility to bull shit

  3. andrew says:

    because baltimore is so nice…

  4. Rome says:

    I heard this live,I don’t see the big deal. He isn’t saying anything that we haven’t heard. He is entitled to his thoughts. He isn’t going out of his way to trash the area. He is stating facts. What has he seen when he has done O’s vs. Rays broadcasts? He has seen low gate numbers. What has he seen in the Forbes report? Nothing that can twist this logic. He has a point. I find it hard to defend our area. Hell, I have said the same things. I love my home town. I live and work in Tampa. I would love to see the Rays come across the bridge. But, we are cheap. We are not supporting the team with game tickets. Over the years, I have seen more local support, but nothing to shut up the members of the media. So, it is what it is.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      He can’t say in one sentence that it is the “park they play in,” and then say the area can’t support a team. And he can’t say it won’t work in Tampa if nobody has ever tried. And he can’t use one playoff game as evidence when it was a weekday afternoon game one week after most people thought the Rays season was already over. If playoff attendance was a factor in determining support, Atlanta and Dallas would also lose their teams.

      • Rome says:

        You’re judging a guy on what he is saying to a broadcast that is not being shown during a primetime national game. He was talking about the beautiful area and consistantly talks about the beaches. He wasn’t saying that we haven’t heard before. He isn’t saying anything that ESPN hasn’t said. Hell, he isn’t saying anything that Dan Sileo hasn’t brought up. That’s his thougths. He wasn’t harping. It was filling a spring training game. If we don’t like it, show up to the games. The Trop is not Camden Yards. The Trop isn’t historic. The Trop isn’t formally cutting edge like the Rogers Centre. The trop is the Trop. We have talked about. It’s a old subject. I love watching games at the Trop. I love the area. I don’t mind the drive at all. That’s just me. Not too many agree with my points. The broadcasters are just saying what everyone else is. I don’t see the big deal. Is he misinformed? Yes. So, is most everyone else. But, that’s there point of view.

        • Joe says:

          Rome, it doesn’t give them the right to just carte blanche WHIP the area into submission. It are these rants that I am angry about and bring me to a boil. This can QUICKLY be supressed by Stu Sternberg and Matt Silverman or Rick Vaughn, but they never do.

          What they see isn’t the complete truth. There is much more to the story than that. The fact we got an owner who can’t keep his mouth shut and have surrogates say things he doesn’t have the guts to say himself is baloney. No one but no one defends Tampa Bay. At least on a national level. And that is a debauchery and utterly ridiculous!

    • Sarah says:

      I wouldn’t have minded if he’d just shared his own observations (e.g. “when we’ve been in St. Pete we’ve noticed the empty seats,” — although even then I’d respond, “Yeah, because who wants to see the Rays play a mediocre, out of contention Orioles team?”). But to go on and make grand pronouncements about an entire state’s ability to support baseball….that’s way beyond his expertise.

      What’s next, Gary, your take on whether health care reform should be ruled unconstitutional?

      • Rome says:

        Sarah, I don’t know about you, but I go to watch the Rays play not the other team.

        Based on attandance numbers and the recent report in Forbes is the man wrong? He is entitled to his thoughts. He thinks that that Florida can’t support major league baseball- long term. I can’t prove him wrong. I want to. But, I can’t at this point.

      • CRRaysHead90 says:

        Leave the politics in the appropriate places. Thanks.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          to be fair (and correct me if I’m wrong Sarah) but I think that was her point. That he was indeed overstepping his bounds and speaking on a subject that was beyond what should have been covered.

          • Sarah says:

            Yes, thanks Cork. Exactly my point.

          • Joe says:

            Doesn’t it make you wonder if that the “powers that be” ultimately believe that to be a fact too? Are they being asked to say it, beyond the fact they may or may not (probably may) believe what they are saying? Gary Thorne knows full well about the economic conditions and market variances in greater Tampa Bay.

            Could MLB (perhaps through the Rays) be asking MASN, YES, NESN, Rogers and other local regional partners that cover MLB to be saying this? And if true, why is Tom Jones if not other local media types and honchos not asking for an explanation why this is not being stopped?

  5. Brian says:

    I also listened to the entire thing and they certainly were not bashing the Rays! I’m an O’s fan and we can not throw stones…we can barely throw the baseball!!!! I would bet my paycheck that after 14 years of a losing record they would have trouble selling playoff ticket!

  6. Lane Meyer says:

    Thorne is just repeating the tired old lines he’s heard from ESPN. The real reason the team doesn’t have strong attendance is the corporate seat sales in this area. The Rays average 10,000 less seats per game in coporate season tickets and day of game sales than the average MLB team. Add that to the gate and the Rays are somewhere in the middle in attendance in MLB. What this shows is that the everyday fans are stepping up in this area, but the corporate partners are not but you never hear the national pundits calling out the corporations, just the fans.

  7. MarkE says:

    Here we go again. Thanks Cork.

  8. Don says:

    MORE MEDIA: ever wonder what the local media really knows about baseball and the Rays.. SAT. morning there is an article by Joe Smith in the Tampa(bay) times about Sam Fulds wrist and Matt moores picture appears in the article….only thing funnier would have been if they would have put BJ upton’s picture in Fulds story….

  9. Joe says:

    That would probably be Mike Bordick, who is new to the team this year. Thorne’s normal partner is Palmer. Bizarre and odd as Thorne and Palmer live in the Bay area in the winter.

    Make no mistake about it, there is a full conspiracy to degrade and smack Tampa Bay fans and the city of St. Petersburg. Why the Rays don’t fight back, as I have asked for 1,245 times is telling in itself as well.

  10. s says:

    their “outlooks” are dead on. once the new wears off of the new marlins park, they be right back in the bottom 10 in attendance. like i’ve said over and over, build a new park in tampa, and 5 years after it’s open and the royals are here on a tuesday night. you[ll be lucky to to 15k in the seats.

    tooooo many fans in the area that will never be “rays” fans. the population numbers and attendance formulas in florida simply can’t be used to predict attendance. retirees and diehard transplants show up in the population number but will NEVER be true attendance generators. both florida mlb teams will always be in the bottom third in attendance. for stu and company to expect “average” is unrealistic and won’t happen in this state. but if they get the a new stadium they’ll quickly break out the “i told you so’s” based on the inflated attendance of a “new” park. but in 5 years we’ll fall right back to the bottom 10 or so.

    it’s not just baseball. look at the dolphins, jags, bucs, and panthers. all pro sports have issues drawing fans in florida. the lightning did well, but do you honestly think that will continue?

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