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Miami 4, RAYS 2 (boxscore)

THE GOOD: Everybody is OK. If you missed it yesterday, or the update, Desmond Jennings and BJ Upton had a nasty collision chasing a flyball. There will be another update later today, but it sounds like everybody was OK, with only Upton needing a couple of days off due to soreness.Although, to be fair, “soreness” often ends up being 2 weeks on the sideline for the overly cautious Rays.

THE BAD: Offensive. The Rays batters had 7 hits and 1 walk. But the walk and 4 of the hits came in the 9th inning when the Rays scored their only 2 runs…Jeremy Hellickson. Hellboy cruised through his first 2 innings, giving up just a single in the second inning and striking out 2 in the first. But then he allowed a leadoff home run in the third, and then got unlucky in the fourth when the above-mentioned flyball turned in to an inside-the-park home run.

THE TELLING: In the last 5 years, only 2 non-roster invitee position players have made the Rays opening day roster (Carlos Pena, Erik Hinske). However, Jesus Feliciano, Brad Coon, Chris Gimenez, and Will Rhymes are all receiving a LOT of playing time early in the spring which suggests Joe Maddon is leaving the door open…


  • The Rays will be shaving their heads today. And the first 15 fans to donate $100 can also get a haircut. []
  • Robinson Chirinos suffered a concussion after being hit in the mask with a foul ball. Chirinos will be sidelined for the time being. []
  • Jeremy Hellickson argues that his low BABIP is by design and not a factor of being lucky. We have argued in the past that some guys (e.g. Mariano Rivera) are able to pitch to weak contact and lower BABIPs. Can Hellboy consistently be one of those pitchers? We’ll have to wait and see. []
  • Do you think the Rays will win more than 86.5 games? []
  • The Marlins have a theme song, and while we didn’t listen to the entire thing, we heard enough “Go Fish” to know it was horrible. [YouTube]
  • The Bucs let go Jeff Faine yesterday. [JoeBucsFan]




  1. nate says:

    I disagree on the Marlins song. That thing is brilliant. It's got the right amount of "cheese" to be a baseball theme song. It's not as brilliant as "Go go go go White Sox" but I'll take it over "Go Cubs Go". Then again I'll reject anything the Cubs do

    • Political Man says:

      I think we've gotten to the point where it’s time for Selig to step in on this Marlins situation and evoke the “for the good of the game” clause in the collective bargaining agreement. The uniforms are hideous, the home run celebration monstrosity with the spinning seagulls and rotating dolphins is beyond tacky, and now this theme song sounds like it was written by Don Ho.
      If the excuse is that this is all being done to appeal to the unique culture in Miami in order to draw fans, then they should move the team to Portland, Charlotte, Mexico City, or some other place that doesn’t have a culture that requires it’s team members to wear uniforms that look like the circus just came to town. Once the team has been moved, our long national nightmare will be over.

      • nate says:

        You're missing the real problem here and that is Bud Selig DID step in and support the Marlins in their crooked back door dealings with the crooked Miami politicians. Marlins are contractually bound to play in Dade County for 30 years so forget about moving them.

        Let me guess. You love Wrigley Field and Fenway Park because "that's how baseball was meant to be played". Here's an idea you will love: every new stadium will be a caricature of these two dinosaur stadiums. Clear land in downtown Tampa! Bring in some ivey! Red brick for all! Posts! We need obstructed views! I can smell the cracker jacks already!

        • Political Man says:

          Maybe you should lighten up and learn how to laugh at a joke once in a while.

          The Marlins are becoming the tackiest team in the history of pro sports though.

          • nate says:

            Sorry. I didn't recognize your comical stylings. You are clearly hilarious. Like McBain stand up hilarious.

          • Beth says:

            Wait a sec -- first you blast the Marlins for having the gall to be playful and over the top, and then you complain that nate has no sense of humor?

            What's wrong with tacky, anyway?

            Baseball has survived many tacky stadium attractions, uniforms and theme songs. If we can survive racing sausages, Mr. Met, or the Houston Astros uniforms from the 1980s, I don't think we'll fall apart when we see whatever the Marlins have on tap.

  2. Political Man says:

    Not really sure why everyone is hostel about joking about the hideousness that has become the Marlins uniforms and/or theme song and/or home run celebration thingy. I'm not sure if this is the only site you frequent but I'm hardly the only person making fun of it.

    If you going to be bombastic, "playful and over the top" you have to expect some people are going to comment on it. So just to be clear, I don't really think Selig needs to step in to keep the Marlins from being the tackiest team in pro sports, nor do I actually think baseball is not going to "survive" the Marlins, nor do I think we'll "fall apart" when we see the next tacky think the Marlins.

    And hey GO RAYS!


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