The best writing advice I ever received was to write one draft. Put it down. Come back later and cut it in half. As a result, we always try to keep things short and sweet. Well, occasionally we step outside our comfort zone and pound the crap out of our keyboard for somebody else. Today is one of those days

Yahoo! Sports is running their “10 best things” series, and we were asked to write a few words about Rays fans. Click the link below…

The 10 Best Things About Being A Rays Fan [Yahoo! Sports]



  1. Sarah says:

    Hooters? Really? I’m not even trying to argue the virtues of the place, but Hooters isn’t associated with the Rays in any real way (a few minutes away? since when is Clearwater a few minutes away from the Trop?) It just makes it seem as though you couldn’t come up with 10 actual, legitimate reasons to be a Rays fan.

    • Mike. says:

      Got something against Hooters? Personally, I’m a big fan and go a lot before games. Haven’t been since they expanded, but I’m guessing it’s pretty awesome for watching games.

      • Sarah says:

        My only problem with Hooters is their lousy food, but that’s not even the point. Cork was asked to write a column documenting 10 great things about being a Rays fan. If you read the other columns, they focus on great things about the actual teams…or if they talk about local restaurants, they mention unique places closely associated with their ballparks. But Hooters is a national chain whose only association with the Rays is that their original restaurant is located 17 miles from Tropicana Field. There’s just no connection. If he wanted to throw in something food related, why not Fergs? I’m simply disappointed that Cork couldn’t find ten genuinely Rays related items to extol.

        • Andy says:

          Couldn’t agree more, Sarah!!! As I read the article though, not only was I rather disappointed that more actual Rays’ goodness wasn’t included, I was also annoyed that both the Hooters mention & multiple references to Playmates reduced the whole effort to a lust-filled, misogynistic, sexist rant that has no place in the public forum, let alone a sports piece!!!

          • Cork Gaines says:

            Hey. If you guys wanted another boring preseason preview that doles out the same lame drivel that can be found in a million other places, well, I’m sorry. But the point of this piece was to have fun, not write a thesis or a Wikipedia entry.

            Besides, as somebody that grew up as the only male in a family with numerous females. And as a guy that is married with 2 daughters, to call this misogynistic and sexist is an insult to women that have actually suffered from misogynism and sexism.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          You are thinking like a local and this wasnt written for locals. It is a national chain, which means for people that have never been here and are never going to be here, it gives them something to relate to, only ours is cooler and more unique. Fergs is great. Love those guys. And that means something to you and to me. But it means nothing for a national audience.

          And if your point is that I didn’t write my piece like all the others, then I will take that as a compliment. Not because theirs were poorly written. But because the last thing in the world I ever want is to be just the same as everybody else. And you have been around these parts long enough to know that.

          • Sarah says:

            Standing out from the others? Admirable goal. But the only way you could think of to differentiate yourself was “Hey, our players date hot women and while I’m at it I’ll throw in a Hooters reference!!” Not exactly the heights of creativity.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            You make it sound like the entire post is one gigantic naked picture of Evan Longoria’s girlfriend eating at Hooters. Although I guess if you look hard enough my wholly uncreative Rays Haiku looks like a boob if you stare at it long enough.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      So you liked the other nine points? That’s like *gets out calculator* 90%. That’s an A. I’ll take it.

      • Andy says:

        Actually, more like a ‘C’ b/c the WAGs (as you so illustrously put it) & Hooters were 2 separate points, and you muddled the Evan point by mentioning, again, that he’s dating a Playmate.

        I’m sorry, but the fact that you’ve been raised and are now in a home full of females in NO WAY makes you immune from displaying misogynistic and/or sexist behaviors or making comments from such oppressive ideals. Anyone raised in a culture will typically manifest those qualities inherent in that culture & our American society is still, regrettably, sexist & misogynistic. Despite having worked hard to eradicate homophobia from my thoughts, ideals, I recognize that I will probably always have a remnant of it for the rest of my life b/c of the culture in which I was raised. And, this is despite being openly & unashamedly Gay. Similarly, some of the women in your life, Cork, may also portray remnants of sexism or misogyny involuntarily that they’ve internalized w/o even realizing it. So, sorry, bud, but you’re not immune from these things either. Btw, I noticed that you didn’t address the ‘lust-filled’ portion of my comment. lol

        Btw, I did enjoy most of the rest of your points, especially the lack of history being resolved w/the wonderful Game 162!! Kudos for that, for sure!!!

        • Cork Gaines says:

          No it does not make me “immune” to it. But it does offend me because i have witnessed actual sexism and misogynism. And for you to try and equate what I wrote is ridiculous. And I didnt address the other part because it was dumb.

          • Andy says:

            As with just about everything in life, there are degrees of severity. Just because your actions are not overly blatant in their expression of sexism and misogyny (the noun version of the word!), doesn’t make them any less real. In fact, many scholars contend that the more subtle forms of bigotry are more insidious & harmful than the blatant. They can be almost as powerful as the forces of denial that keep them submerged/hidden.

  2. Don says:

    Cork, you asked for it, bring up pretty women..Hooters & Playmates in front of other women (Sarah, Andy) you are asking for rebuttals like..”thats not entertainment” or ‘”thats disgusting”
    Maybe you should have listed the 12yo girls dancing on top of the dugouts at Rays games..I’m sure the fans in NY, San Fran, and Chicago would have been fascinated…

  3. Don says:

    Oh I forgot Hooters has a large suite at the Trop. and does plenty of entertaining and appearences by their employees at many Rays functions..if every company in this area supported the Rays like Hooters the Rays would be Fine…
    Now if we could get Corp. support from playboy?

  4. Dre says:

    I don’t take any issue with the Hooters reference – at first i thought Ferg’s but i totally agree and understand that we need the Rays to be attractive at a national level. As great as Ferg’s is, that’s not gonna do it. The only point on there i don’t love is the WAGS – and not because its a reference to pretty girls. a lot of the WAGS, regardless of appearance, are quite involved in the team and community which is great. I just think having been a Rays fan for many years, it’s not one of the top ten reasons to be one. Maybe the awesome give-aways that rank at the top each year? Or watching Moneyball on the field year after year (i know there is implication of that with giving the front office some love). it’s just my opinion, but i think there are other things that make being a Rays fan one of the greatest things in the world.
    either way, i do appreciate your constant and relentless effort to get the Rays out there at the national level, and to try and hammer at points that makes me pull my hair out in frustration. ex: there’s nothing wrong with the indoor stadium! the city of st pete is making it tough!

  5. s says:

    “one gigantic naked picture of Evan Longoria’s girlfriend eating at Hooters”, please share!!!!

    sarah, haven’t you posted in the past about the “look” of certain rays players?

  6. Sarah says:

    OK, I guess there’s not much baseball news these days so I find myself lured back to a discussion of Hooters and WAGs.

    I was critical of Cork’s mention of Hooters in his article because Hooters is a national chain that can be found in probably every MLB city, and with sponsorships in just about every other city, too. Heck, they are headquartered in Atlanta, and didn’t Chipper Jones father a child with a Hooters waitress? So, no real Rays connection.

    I don’t think my pointing that out makes me a joyless prude, as some of the responses from other commenters seems to imply!

    And S, I have no idea if I’ve ever posted on the “looks” of certain Rays, but wouldn’t that have been a more creative and unique point for Cork to have made? Every MLB city has a Hooters, but there’s only one Sean Rodriguez, and we’ve got him.

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