Matt Bush’s blood-alcohol level was .180, more than twice the legal limit in the state of Florida (.08). The picture below is Bush’s mushshot (via

Deputies said Bush made comments to deputies about having “a serious alcohol problem and how he will be unable to play baseball”…Bush told investigators he was coming home from Sarasota while shopping at a mall and had “stopped and bought a few” and “kept driving”…A deputy asked Bush if the incident was a serious awakening, and Bush replied it wasn’t and he had “already been there,” according to the release…Deputies said Bush also admitted to hitting a pole earlier in the day in Sarasota, and he said he didn’t see the motorcycle or remember hitting it.

For a full rundown of Bush’s arrest, see our post from last night. [Former Top Pick Matt Bush Arrested]



  1. Don says:

    Dear Matt, you would have been better off robbing a convenience store with a gun, less jail time. OH Well the prison has a baseball team you will be a star, if you can walk ok after the social life…

    • mikielikesit says:

      Yo ! Don u jerk, no compassion, its a desease you moron. They’ll punish him accordingly, but u want to cut his nuts off….poor form, poor taste,
      better hope u don’t ever make a mistake and have “U” for the judge and jury.

      • Nightfury says:

        I love watching people call someone else a moron when they spell disease, desease….LOL

        • Lori says:

          Haha…I love that too!!!

          • kevin says:

            tHIS IS DEFINITELY A DISEASE AND A TRAGEDY. I had almost 15 years sober, had throat and neck Cancer, went thru a horrible treatment of radiation and chemo and yet months after I finished treatment, I relapsed. i was mentoring kids etc. never wanted to relapse but I have a built-in forgetter that says i can have “only one” which is a lie in itself. Once i have the first one is where the disease comes in cause i can’t control what is to come or happen thereafter.

          • excuses says:

            everyone needs to quit using “its a disease” as an excuse for this guy. he got drunk and ran some one over. quit acting like hes the victim

          • Eric Lee says:

            Lori and Nightfury (what a great name for a five-year-old on Halloween): You’re both dumb cunts. Did I spell that correctly?

          • Shaun C says:

            Sad case all the way around. The motorcyclist will no doubt have his life changed by the severe injuries. Matt Bush has probably flushed his career down the toilet. Disease, habit or choice – the consequences are the same. All he had to to do was take a cab, hire a limo, get a friend to drive or any other alternate means of transportation.

            Just a sad case.

      • Bob says:

        This is not his first offense. Should have learned his lesson after the first. Kid had a bright furture ahead and now it’s gone. Suppose it was your father that had been hit. Would you still be so idotically forgiving. By the way, it spelled disease. Were you drinking??

      • Tom Collins says:

        It is not a “desease”<LMAO. He drinks because he wants to. He enjoys it. It makes him happy. Infants who have terminal illnesses have a "desease". They never had a choice. Matt Bush did. Drinking is not a "desease" because you can choose to do it or choose not to do it. Stop acting like he is a victim here. Not too many people care if he drinks as long as he stays off the road. It's really not that difficult dummy.

        • johnjohn says:

          i agree 100% with you Tom Collins!!!!!!!!

          Matt Bush=LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • JOHN says:

            I agree, people texting and cellphones while driving are moe dangerous!

          • charles says:

            it is a disease , it is a mental illness , just like depression and alot off others , what makes it a mental illness is that it is learned from the person parents , just like being a wife beater is learned from the perents, and a drugie ,it is a learned social behavior ,that is learned from watching the adults around when you are a child , that being said , it is not an excuse for drunk driving, and once you know yu have a problem , it becomes a choice

          • Phaq says:

            Sorry Charlie, I mean 1D10T, Phaq

        • Mark says:

          Your the LMAO Alcholism is a disease. It’s a form of addiction and since you cannot relate you take an ignorant slant. It destroy lives, families etc.
          Pls get your facts straight.

          • Ryan Hornsby says:

            He claims not to remember hitting the man on the motorcycle. Lock his sorry rear end up, at least to 3 to 5 years, no less.

            Worst sport role model for kids in recent memory.

            Alcoholism is a self inflicted illness, folks…

        • mohawkfrank says:

          alcoholism is a medically recognized disease. however that does not excue what he has done. MLB should also step in and help this young man. many mlb players start drinking heavily in the minors out of boredom and don’t or can’t give it up when/or they make it to the majors.

        • Slick says:

          You cannot be more wrong. I am a recovering Alcoholic/Addict, and have been clean and sober for over 26 years, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous. I am also a licensed Chemical Dependency/Alcohol Counselor,and have been for the last 22 years. I have seen this disease kill and destroy more lives than you have a clue.

          The greatest form of ignorance is to deny/or judge something you know nothing about.

          • Slick says:

            My note was related to the comment Tom Collins made.

          • Matt S. says:

            You guys are all correct. Alcoholism is a fatally prgressive *disease*. If it isn’t treated properly, people will die. God did grant us free will, and it was Matt’s choice to relapse and put “one” in him. He now has to deal with the the sobering consequences. But make no mistake, this is a DISEASE!

        • Phaq says:

          Drinking is not a disease, it is a state of mind. Either u drink responsibly and maintain control, or u have a weakness and u drink and lose control in which case u should not drink. A disease is an illness in which u have no control.

          • charles says:

            you are an idoit , you just said they person has no control , so they should not drink , so if you can control your stupid out burst , you should not open your mouth

          • Phaq says:

            Charlie its all u dog, read what I typed again fool I did not open my mouth, I mearly moved my fingers and applied my thoughts to this thread. If one cannot control their self while drinking,they should not drink. If u dont like my thoughts, fill out form #1MA-1D10T, and submit it. Disrespectly yours, Phaq (sound out my name, Faque u idiot)!

        • Randy Larsen says:

          You have no clue… It is best to know what you are talking about before you go shooting your mouth off…

        • Philz says:

          I feel bad for people as ignorant as you. The comment you just left shows how unintelligent you are. I’m not gonna argue with you. All i’m gonna say is that you shouldn’t judge people you don’t know. Did you know that alcohol is the cause of over 50 % of homicides, assaults, and traffic accidents. Mind your own business anyways. Ignorance is a terrible thing my friend. I’m glad I could teach you a thing or two. Maybe one day you’ll learn compassion and realize that nobody is ever going to take you seriously if you make ignorant statements like that

        • Gary says:

          Bush was incorrect in stating that telling more people about his alcohalism kept more pressure on himself from taking that first drink…Obviously…Can’t tell more people about it than by putting a statement like that in a newspaper…It didn’t work, did it?…nope…If anyone’s is interested, here is the key to curing alcohalism…self survival..When you convice yourself, or in my case, doctors convinced me that if I continued to drink, I would die a not so pleasant, early death, it was as easy as falling off a log…That was 13 years ago…I’ve never come close to taking another drink…It stopped being a option…Well,..I suppose death is a option for some….not me…not yet…The main problem with taking my route to a cure is reaching that point…And for that, ..I have no easy advice…

        • K says:

          Hey Tom Collins: You’re the moron. Alcoholism is a disease. I have a family member who is an alcoholic and it is day-by-day to keep it under control. That’s why they have the 12-step program. He goes to meetings everyday. I do feel bad for the guy Bush hit too. I hope he is going to be ok.

        • jane says:

          Love the name ” TOM COLLINS”.. perfect.

        • repav says:

          I’ll have a “Tom Collins” say’s Matt

        • Phaq says:

          Charlie, u really r an 1D10T its me again Phaq

        • KathyW8 says:

          I believe I can see both sides of the tragedy, as my brother was killed at 20 as a passenger driving under the influence, but alcoholism was also a problems for many of my relatives. I feel for EVERYONE involved…it should not have happened, and Matt Bush is probably not dancing a jig over the fact he caused a man to be seriously injured due to a very bad choice he made.

          NOTE: Matt Bush BEGAN DRINKING ALCOHOL AT AGE 10…Who was raising this child? He hadn’t even reached the “age of reason” when his problems began.

          I think the enlightened folks commenting here, such as Slick and Charles, make valid comments. Alcoholism is a serious addiction and it’s classified as a disease. DOESN’T just about EVERYONE have some sort of addiction that they struggle with? Smoking, perhaps? How about obesity, which is an epidemic now? How about bullying, which I think must be a sickness? Do you think folks who are morbidly obese and still make poor food choices have control over their problem? The food controls them, just as the alcohol controls Matt Bush. It’s not easy to shake a monkey off your back.

          Those of you acting superior and thinking it’s easy to just choose to not do a particular thing even though it’s risky, self-destructive and life-threatening are kidding yourselves. Look closely and ask why you throw stones at people with VISIBLE or KNOWN weaknesses? Do you have a problem with self-esteem and you NEED TO MAKE OTHERS FEEL BAD so you can feel better about yourself? Everyone has some conflict inside…you just don’t see everyone’s internal struggle nor is it in the news.

          • Cecil says:

            Don’t usually comment or even read them mostly because of the comments on this page. However, yours is the exception. Very clear,thoughtful and balanced, way to go K

        • john soini says:

          Do some research before you make such an idiotic comment.And get a dictionary while your at it.(disease not disease)

          • Falconer says:

            Hey john soini, you said “Do some research before you make such an idiotic comment.And get a dictionary while your at it.(disease not disease)”

            Maybe you need to look up the proper way to spell you’re (not your).

        • xaviersdad says:

          If you don’t know what your talking about maybey you should just sit there and read.

      • louie says:

        sick of hearing alcholics using the “desease” card. cindy hit the nail on the head when she said drinking is a choice. bush is weak and this is a sample of his character. he put others’ lives in danger by feeding his addiction. he could have chosen to “man-up” and not taken a drink.

        now, one 72 year old biker’s life is hanging in the balance. shame on Bush and all the responders who plead the “desease” card.

        • DavidN says:

          PLEASE READ:
          Unfortunately, many people do not understand addiction or alcoholism. Some people try to make uneducated assumptions based on what little knowledge they have about the subject. I truly hope that these uneducated people never have to deal first hand with anybody battling in active addiction. I myself am a recovering drug addict. I did NOT choose to be an addict, I just am one. It is a disease. My family was loving and nurturing. My father is one of the most respected surgeons in North America and my mother is a venture capitalist. I was raised with good morals, went to college and had every advantage life can offer. I did not wake up one day and say “I’ll shoot heroin until I’m a young adult”. I have a disease. Like someone stated, our actions should of course have consequences. However, our actions are not always consciously controlled. If you don’t understand this, be grateful that you have not gone through it yourself.

          Sober since: 8/15/2008

          • henry says:

            you did choose to be an addict I could be an addict if I chose to do drugs,or drink as much alcohol I could get my hands on but, I choose not to …. We are all born with choices…Not addicts…If you never have a drink you can never be an addict…ITS A CHOICE YOU MAKE!!! Simple as that… Hey what if everyone in the world did drugs or drank till they couldnt stand?? Then what? Wait that would never happen because we are not born that way!! Now I know there are some unfortunate babies that are born addicted to drugs,and shame on their mother,but wait I guess to you its not her fault she has a disease… Give me a break ppl

          • Jeremy says:

            My Mother was an alcoholic and I will never say she had a disease. Why? because one day I decided to ask her to quit for my birthday and boom, she quit without any trouble. Now before you go thinking this is uneducated, we sent her to a recovery home for alcoholics and it did not help, we sent her to counseling and it didnt help, she was still drinking. Now tell me how can she go through all that and years of alcoholism and just to “snap” out of it and stop once I asked her to stop?
            Not a disease. It is a controllable choice.
            How is that for your non-educational opinion?

          • people dont choose to be alcoholics or drug addicts. i understand its an addiction but people do choose to take that very first drink or try that drug for the very first time. people must realize they are taking a chance at becoming addicts. people must be stronger when introduced to these things for the very first time.

          • al says:

            If you did not choose, how did it happen. You did not just wake up one day and become hooked on drugs. You decided to do drugs which you knew were addictive. So therefor you did make the choice.

          • Philz says:

            Henry your an idiot.. Plain and simple

          • Bingo! says:

            I love it when idiots like Philz call people idiots and don’t even know the difference between “your” and you’re!

            Talk about an idiot!! LOL

        • xaviersdad says:

          To all of you that say it is not a disease. May you never be inflicted with it. You have no idea. No one wakes up one morning and says ” I wanna be an asshole. I wanna hurt people and steal from them and have everybody hate me. Do some research. No one “CHOOSES” this. And I used spellcheck!!!!!

      • louie says:

        so mikeylikesit, what are you saying? that bush can’t help getting in a car drunk and risking his own life and the lives of innocent by-standers because he has a disease? and that we should have compassion for those self-endulgent, thoughless actions? you, my friend, if you believe this, are the “moron”.

        • Mark says:

          Yes, that’s the point genius. An alcoholic cannot abstain fro
          Drinking unless they follow a program and have support. This is where one moment of weakness leads an alcoholic. He fools himself into believing he can have a drink or two casually and then ends up getting hammered. A alcholic’s cannot stop after 2 or 3. Thank God you do not have a demon like that to live with. I do and through the grace of God I have a beautiful family, great career and have had dui’s. Just lucky enough to no have harmed anyone. He needs to pay for what he did, but just like Don your ignorance and no terrance does not change the fact it is a disease.

          • Jeremy says:

            bullcrap. my mom was an alcoholic for years and went to groups and support which did not help her at all.
            She quit when I asked her to for my birthday.
            She has not even talked about alcohol since and we are super close.

            Not a disease and it only takes the right motivation.

          • markc says:

            Im tired of all the bleading hearts if it was me or you they would charge us with stempted man slaughter. He needs same punishment anyone else would get. About addiction, I did not put the bottle in his mouthI. Nor did we cause him to be a addict.It was his own doing. Lets not enable him and give him an excuse.

          • rob says:

            I do not do drugs, nor do I drink. I’ve done studies and research on this topic for years though.
            Alcoholism is a disease. Yes it is in your blood. Some people are able to have a few and that is it. Some people cannot. Everyone is affected by everything differently. Even over the counter medications…some people are allergic to somethings, and others are not. Our bodies are composed differently. We all react to certain things differently.
            I understand that some people have never tried drugs before, yes we all have a choice. But I am sure everyone has had a drink before in thier life – usually thats all it takes…..If you have an addictive personality, you are more likely to become addicted once youve tried it.
            Unfortunately for Bush, he made a horrible decision to get in the car and drive. If someone hates themselves so much and wants to danger themselves, then so be it. But to get in the car drunk and drive…he could hit and kill anyone…what if that was your 2 year old child? That is what scares me! People like Bush with all this money…get a cab, hire a limo, get a driver to drive you around!!!
            go to – its so sad.

      • Kermit says:

        I guess breathing is a disease also. So is working, pissing, eating, driving, walking, talking, hearing, seeing, smelling. I just can’t stop doing it. Give me a break, alchoholism a disease? Yeah right. Matt Bush has a lot of things, a disease is not one of them. Maybe a hobby. I wouldn’t call doing something you enjoy a disease.

        • Kyle says:

          Kermit, you need to talk to a doctor. Any doctor will do. As a matter of fact, talk to 4 or 5 doctors. I guarantee you every single one them will tell you the same thing. Alcoholism IS a disease.

          Don’t get me wrong. I am not defending the guy. He should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But he also needs help. It is a shame that he has wasted such a talent- and a tragedy that someone has been hurt because of his problem.

          • herbie says:

            in the 50s, 4 out of 5 doctors said smoking was not harmful, hmmm

          • al says:

            4 out of 5 doctors will also agree that a drunk guy smashing into your motorcycle with an SUV is hazardous to your health.

      • Greywolf says:

        He hit a biker. Mandatory jail time is requested for this low-life.

      • Ken says:

        To Mikielikesit. Sounds like you are recovering alcoholic or a current one. If you know anything about how this guy can get over his drinking problem, you would know that the more people can get in his face with comments like the one you came down on the quicker the guy will realize he is in the bottom of the barrel. Only when he realizes it himself will he be able to crawl out of his barrel. You need to change your name to Mikielikes_it.

        • ted says:

          he needs to find god. That’s the answer!!! or, JD or JB…all of this bs being written here…he’s a freakin bb player. who cares?

      • alcoholismaintadisease says:

        Aids is a disease, cancer is a disease, saying alcoholism is disease is a copout for losers who like to drink irresponsibly and dont know how to grow the f*&^ up. Hope he rots in jail along with every other one of you drunk driving wastes of human skin.

        • Schimenator says:

          Alcoholism is a disease. Religion is a choice. You choose to be from a certain religion, you don’t choose to be an alky.
          Matt Bush has always been a piece of filth.

          • Watersisland says:

            Perhaps it’s something about that name “Bush”. The actions of all that I know named Bush has always kind of nauseated me.

          • Roy says:

            Choosing to be an alky (as you say) is not a choice? So, if I pick up a bottle right now and start drinking like a fish/lush, that is not a choice? It is a choice, just like smoking a cigarette or driving a car or anything else you chose to do. You alchoholics will live in denial regardles of AA or not. They teach you to admit it but hey, hell I’ll just reach for the disease card and tell off everyone who says it isn’t. I dont care if the surgeon general would walk up and say its a disease, its not. Its a choice. You would have to be a damn fool to think otherwise. Lie to yourself but all can see through the transparent shi-. Last question. Who in this chat has ver had that bottled forced down your throat and forced to drink? thats not a choice. Thats the only way it could turn into a truly warranted disease.

          • al says:

            Actually, most people do not choose to be from a certain religion. Most people are raised by their parents in a set of beliefs. They make the choice to change religions later in life.

      • zatoichi101 says:

        Don is not the jerk – YOU ARE. Are you kidding me? This worthless piece of dung leaves the scene of an accident after hitting a motorcyclist — who, on top of everything, happens to be an elderly man — and you want to say, “Oh, it’s OK, poor guy just made a mistake.” Rubbish!

      • frosty says:

        So we should forgive all the meth and crackheads who kill an maim because they have a disease. Addictions are serious diseases but crimes committed under their influence should not be forgiven by courts.

      • johnhater says:

        He’s an idiot. He could have killed another. you’re retarded. I wish you were on that motorcycle.

      • Tacmarine1 says:

        Yo mikielikesit. You are a fool. People like this drive when they have been drinking no matter what anyone does or says to them. The ONLY thing that works is JAIL!!! NO DRINKING THERE!

        • Joyce says:

          I agree! Those of us who have lost a faimily member to a drunk driver don’t feel like we lost them because the driver had cancer. They choose to drink the cancer patient didn’t chose to get cancer. Everyone should know that as soon as you take your first drink you are at risk of becoming an alcoholic because you do not know how it will affect you or how strong you will be when you need to control it. It all boils down to YOU CHOOSE TO START and now you got to pay the piper!

      • Watersisland says:

        At BEST….in referencing alcoholism as a desease(sic), you could compare it to the person with AIDS…who still goes out and has unprotected sex with others. Sorry, no sympathy for either!!!

      • Sean says:

        Seriously, alcoholism is not a “disese.” It’s a crutch. People get hooked and don’t have the will power to overcome the seduction of a bottle and deal with life like an adult. Get real, the guy deserves to have his ass turned inside out in a jail cell- no sympathhy here. He flat out said it wasn’t an awakening. Shoot, throw him and the prick Zimmerman in the same cell and maybe he’ll piss off the neighborhood watch.

        • xaviersdad says:


      • Missingdog says:

        Alcoholism, arguably a disease—getting into a car drunk, crashing into someone and leaving the scene—definitely not a disease. If abstaining from alcohol will help him to recover from this disease, jail will be helpful to him as well as the community–at least while he is in there.

      • Middikman says:

        If its a disease, its the only one you can buy.

      • Lee S says:

        You’re the jerk. Alcoholism might be a disease, but the driving under the influence is a choice. So is the fleeing the scene of an accident, and being flip about it. This guy doesn’t deserve any sympathy. He’s had plenty of time to think about and address his drinking problem, and at least make plans so that it won’t endanger the lives of others. You’re really not too bright to bring up the whole disease angle.

      • bunghole says:

        Lock the overpaid turd up.

      • Jill says:

        Please learn proper English and Language skills

      • Derek R. says:

        …if it was YOUR family member hurt from the hit-and-run accident, you’d be in that courtroom lined up to “cut his balls off” wouldn’t you!!?? Maybe you HAVE had an alcohol incident where you TOO committed the crime of hit-and-run????!!!!

      • jp says:

        alcoholism is a disease….driving when sh!t faced, hitting someone, then fleeing the scene was a complete disregard for anyone but himself.

      • DJA says:

        Mike, S T F U azhole!

      • Ron says:

        Mikielicksit, you are right alcoholism is a disease. However, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when you drink is not a disease. It is stupid and a crime. Taking a cab or calling a friend is the only right thing to do.

      • Mo says:

        Dis- ease…. You are the moron…..
        His dis- ease with living life without drugs is his responsibility. Quit hiding behind the terms. Man up take responsibility!!

    • Taura says:

      Matt Bush is my cousin and I love him. To have to hear cruel things that people say about him really makes me sad. It is just not right. He has an alcohol problem, that he has been battling and dealing with very seriously. He also has a professional career, like all of us, that he works hard at every day. This man loves his family, the sport of baseball, his team, and his career. Matt is human; just like the rest of us. I often wonder about people who believe themselves to be so perfect and unscarred; and then lash out and criticize others. We should all be hoping and praying for the victim, the victim’s family, as well as my cousin. I want all of this to work out well for all parties involved; as well as it can possibly be

      • MrBill It is says:

        Maybe you could do him a favor and crawl up his backside and make him behave instead of feeling sorry for the louse. Enabeling these creeps is what helps them make excuses for bad behavior.

      • Tacmarine1 says:

        He is still a f*cking drunk! He almost KILLED an elderly motorcyclist and FLED! Put this piece of shite UNDER the jail!

      • Chet says:

        I hope everything works out for the best for all parties involved. I wish Mr. Bush all the best & hope he turns out to be a very productive individual. I just think if he really works so hard like you say he does that he wouldn’t have time for this juvenile behaivior he has exhibited. If I got multiple alchohol related arrests & got fired from my job I don’t think anyone would be feeling sorry for me. That is why I take responsibility for my actions. I don’t need pity for me to save my job. If he does not play ball again then he is to blame. I would say he could go play for the Red Sox, but they banned alchohol in the clubhouse. Good luck Mr. Bush but you won’t get any sympathy from me.

      • james says:

        I would be ashamed to say that this piece of shit is any kin to me if I were you. They should let him out and let the family of the 72 year old take time about running over his head maybe it would knock some reality into him. NOT AND YOU CANT BE MUCH BETTER EITHER

      • Austin says:

        Seriously? Cousin or any other relative, he deserves what he gets…Drinking is NOT a disease, despite what the bleeding heart liberals say. I have worked for the state prison system (Texas) for 20 years now and inmatess whi are serving time for up to 8th DUI, ALL say they drank because they chose too. If I end up with Alzheimer’s then that is a disease…something you get involuntarily. Alcoholics get liver problems because they chose to drink all their life. It is a CHOICE, despite what anyone believes.and not all physician’s gree that alcohol is a disease. Do your due diligence and research it. Wealthy sports players think they can do it and get away with it by saying they have a problem. Even if it was a disease, your cousin fled the scene of an accident he caused because he was more worried about himself than the well being of another human being..that makes him selfish with no regard for others. I guess fleeing is a disease too…sorry but working with society’s scum tends to make one have little sympathy for someone with impulse control problems.

        • Mo says:

          agreed!! Choice!! get off the excuses … really understand that making excuses for this type of behavior keeps them in it!!

      • Mo says:

        agreed. Enabler attitude. Take one moment if you really want to support him and think if he was not family what you would think or feel about someone who continues to not take responsibility and train wrecks thru everyones life including yours and his.

      • Lee S says:

        Taura–Even if it is a disease, that in no way excuses your cousin’s driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of an accident, leaving an injured old man to die (for all he knew). And then he is flippant about it. It’s all a big joke to him. What a prince! Your cousin is scum. Your cousin risked killing good people who don’t drink and drive. It’s only pure luck that he didn’t kill someone.

    • John says:

      My heart goes out to this guy. It’s so easy to pass judgement when you have absolutely no clue as to the insanity and torture alcoholism can inflict on a person – not to mention those around them. I suppose it’s just easier to write them off as damaged goods and hope ”they get what they deserve.” So Don, I understand why you and many others just don’t get it. Truth is Don, it’s not necessary that you or anyone who shares your opinion gets it – because you never will unless you’re an alcoholic. Those are the only people that can relate – on all levels – the hell this guy is in. Granted he’s made some bad decisions and caused serious damage not only to others but once again, to himself. However, he deserves a chance at a sober life. That is not to say he shouldn’t be accountable for his actions – because he’ll have to face this most recent event as well as all the other wreckage from his past if he is to ever know the freedom sobriety can bring. If he’s willing enough, if he’s truly hit bottom, and if he simply asks for help – there are those out there that won’t write him off as damaged goods. Instead, we’ll step up and help this guy find that freedom. I’m sure you would be comfortable calling him a coward – again, very easy for you. I, on the other hand, would consider it courageous. It takes a man to look at himself – see all the destruction in his path – and be willing to take responsibility. I pray this guy doesn’t give up on himself. I pray that others won’t give up on him. I pray for this guy as only another alcoholic can.

      • Lee S says:

        That’s such a load of BS. Alcoholism might be a disease, but he chose to drink and drive and hit and run. He deserves no more sympathy or understanding than any other drug abuser who commits crimes.

    • Randy says:

      This entire country and its population has been labeled with probably just as many diseases and issues as there are people in it. It is ridiculous that we label every single little quirk or disfunction with a name, oh you eat too many chicken sandwiches you have the disease “chicken30syndrome” WHATEVER!! we all have been led down the path that we all have a problem, sickness or some damn disease and it’s too damn much!! we are pathetic and depend on doctors and clinics to fix all our ills, take a few of these pills and do this and your may be cured. Get a grip on your life people and stop depending on the neighbor to tell you you’re sick or that your diet isn’t right or some other nonsense.. Grow up and face your responsibilities and be smarter, DUH! God is i took the advice of every doctor and talk show host I should have been dead already becuase of this or that.. WAKE UP!! he and everyone else who makes stupid decisions in their life should be held accountable, PERIOD!! make sound decisions and plan your life and voila you’ll probably live long and free of these so called “diseases” Good Luck!!

    • Randy says:

      This entire country and its population has been labeled with probably just as many diseases and issues as there are people in it. It is ridiculous that we label every single little quirk or disfunction with a name, oh you eat too many chicken sandwiches you have the disease “chicken30syndrome” WHATEVER!! we all have been led down the path that we all have a problem, sickness or some damn disease and it’s too damn much!! We are pathetic and depend on doctors and clinics to fix all our problems, take a few of these pills and do this and you’ll be cured. Get a grip on your life people and stop depending on the neighbor to tell you when you’re sick or that your diet isn’t right or some other nonsense crap.. Grow up and face your responsibilities and be smarter, DUH! God if i took the advice of every doctor and talk show host I should have been dead already becuase of this or that.. WAKE UP!! Matt Bush and everyone else who makes stupid decisions in their life should be held accountable, PERIOD!! make sound decisions and plan your life and voila you’ll probably live long and free of these so called “diseases” Good Luck!!

  2. Blake says:

    Alcoholism is an incredibly cruel sickness.

    • James says:

      It is a cruel disease. The biggest mistake he made was that 1st drink. It’s not the 15th it’s the 1st. Ask any Alcoholic. I’m sure his intentions where not to get drunk and almost kill a Motorcyclist. Pray for all.

    • cindy says:

      Drinking is a choice, a poor one at that. Alcoholism is the unfortunate, though not unexpected, result of that choice way too frequently. People need to accept responsibility for their actions and choices.

      • gibsonl6s says:

        No alcoholism is not a choice. It is a chemical addiction that some people have that others don’t. Alcohol abuse is a choice and is different from the disease. It is the way an alcoholics body processes the alcohol that causes the disease.

        Getting in a car and driving was a choice and he made the wrong one.

        • Michael says:

          Calling this a disease is a way for people to accept that they need help to deal with the bad choices they have made. Cancer is a disease, alzhiemers is a disease. You do not go to a bar and order a cancer on the rocks, or go to the liquor store for a bottle of vintage alzhiemers. Gimme a break people. It is unfortunate that some feel like drinking themselves to death is the only way. Or that they allowed themselves to get trapped by drinking. I pray for everyone that struggles. But it is what it is!! Stop calling it a disease. I have lost both of my parents to a disease, and it was not from drinking.

        • D says:

          very well put.

        • Mike K says:

          No! She said DRINKING is a choice, just like being able to comprehend the written word.

        • chris says:

          Cindy didn’t say alcoholism was a choice. She said drinking was a choice. Big difference. I agree with most of what you said, but don’t take her comments and make them say what you want them to say.

        • al says:

          If alcoholism is a disease does that mean that if I just start drinking myself stupid every day I will qualify for disability? Then when it gets real bad I can get a room in the drunk ward at the local hospital. Then they can give me some meds to cure my disease! Maybe then I can start a colored ribbon movement in an effort to end alcoholism!!! But as we all know this will never happen because people make the choice to drink. If the medical community views alcoholism as a disease why do they put drinkers on the bottom of liver donor lists? Because they know they did this to themselves. Ask any doctor and they will agree with this!

  3. Gus says:

    I hope for the Rays that he wasn’t in a clubhouse drinking earlier that afternoon. That would make Maddon’s flippant remark exhibit A in the lawsuit against Mr. Bush and the Rays organization. I’m assuming he was already demoted and with the AAA team somewhere.

    But it should also have them re-think what they are doing alcohol wise in the clubhouse, especially with so many Rays players living in Tampa. Do not want to make that long drive under the influence.

    • Sarah says:

      Press reports say that he had gone to Sarasota and stopped for drinks on his way home. I would think that Maddon and the Rays are neither legally nor morally responsible for this one.

  4. Dave says:

    Don, You nailed it on the head! Hopefully, this guy will be someone’s bride in the slammer!

    • SFC Stone says:

      What Bush did was terrible, irresponsible and wreckless, and he’ll pay dearly for the rest of his life. His baseball career, but more importantly, his life is going to be ruined. Take it from someone who used to drink, it’s a disease. I in no way condone his actions, they were deplorable, but if he who is w/o sin would cast the first stone, none of us would be saying a word of harshness or judgement. I’ll pray for the victim of his actions as well as for Bush himself. We need more of that.

  5. jscott says:

    I hope they make an example out of him…. Being so drunk you don’t remember hitting a motorcyclist or don’t even seeing it especially after hitting something before that and he kept driving. Makes you wonder what else happened that he doesn’t remember….. What a D-Bag… I pray for the guy he hit and his family…

  6. Glen says:

    Guys, the man needs help and prayer. We have all made mistakes and many of us just did not get caught. Every one of us has our own walk in life, no need to kick a man who is already down. My prayers go out to the man on the motorcycle and to everyone hurt in this horrible situation.

    • almo says:

      Oh STFU with that bullcrap. What he needs is a baseball bat taken to his head

      • tracie says:

        What the??? To anyone being sympathetic toward this guy; WHY??? First of all I believe just about the whole free world knows it’s ILLEGAL TO DRIVE while intoxicated! That was a chance he took and it’s sad that an innocent person had to pay the price of his stupidity! He didn’t care when he got behind the wheel 3 sheets to the wind, so why should anyone give a sh*t what happens to him??? Sickens me how these athletes and actors piss their lives/talent away by making DUMB MISTAKES!!!

        • Glen says:

          I am not saying the man should not pay for his mistakes, I believe he should face the consequences for his actions. What I am saying is some of you on here are ready to hang the man and you have drank and drove yourselves. It could happen to anyone who drinks and drives.

        • big art says:

          we are all human and make mistakes id bet all the morons judging have probably one time or another got in a car and drove on a few beers.only god will judge us u bucknuts

      • Glen says:

        Are you telling me that you have never drank and drive in your whole life?

        • Andrea says:

          Glen, I have NEVER drank an alcoholic beverage and gotten behind a wheel, in my WHOLE life. Your blanket statement of everyone having done this is very uneducated. Yes he has a problem, yes he needs help, pray for him if that is your wish, but he must be made to face what he did. Alcohol is not an excuse, he chose to drink, he chose to get behind the wheel of his SUV therefor he has no choice but to face the consequences of this choices. Period.

          • Glen says:

            I never meant to make a blanket statement or even a statement to you, you are misunderstanding what I am saying.

          • louie says:

            glen, you suggest praying for bush. i prayed for my brother, a generous humane individual, for his safety when he was sent to Iraq. my prayer was answered with a big “NO” in the form of an american flag on his casket. so you go pray to a god you think is going to help this irresponsible self-endulgent drunk. surely his actions prove he deserves the praying.

      • bill says:

        it must be nice to be perfect, no matter what he does for a living he is 26 yrs old and made a mistake. seems like he needs help not kicked in the face. he was drinking at 11yrs old so you put all the blame on him? not to mention the pressure he is under living in the spot light all the time waiting for people to pick his life apart. he needs to pay for what he has done, how many mistake have you done and gotten away with? and did you grow up in a house where you were drinking at 11 yrs old? I would not start throwing stones till you know the whole story.

        • Tom says:

          Drinking and driving is not a “mistake”.. it is a criminal action made by choice. A Mistake is when you leave the iron on or forget to turn off the hose. Criminal acts that are known to lead to serious consequences should never be diminished in their severity by calling it a “mistake”… no, I’ve never made such a “mistake.” Yes, I have left the iron on.

          • JMC says:

            Tom, there are fools in this world who think sports stars are wonderful, and therefore above the law. YOU are so right about what is a “mistake”. To many people want to give this guy a break because he started drinking at 11. Then of course he became a sports star and made millions. So… if he was that rich, why couldn’t he have gotten help. He could afford it. Unlike many other abused people with problems that DO NOT have the money or resources, he chose to keep drinking. SO, he deserves to be punished, harshly. To many are getting away with serious crimes. It’s time for this to stop. Let him be one of the first to suffer the real punishment.

        • Phaq says:

          He did not make a mistake,he made a piss poor choice in which both families must deal with. I started drinking at 12, I am 48 now and made plenty of piss poor choices myself, while under the influence. I thank my lucky stars none of my choices devistated my or anothers family. I have empathy for the biker and his family, and even for the Bush family, but the choice he made under an impaired judgement state of mind, we’ll let the Judge make the choice on his punishment. Hopefully it is harsh, for I have no sympathy for a drunks decision. If he wants sympathy or you want to find it for him, try looking between shit and syphollis in the dictionary!

      • homer says:

        almo is a genius with probably a 6th grade education, stay in your trailer almo and you might be o.k.

    • SFC Stone says:

      Amen, brother. You’ve got your heart and mind in the right place.

    • Chet says:

      It’s hard not to get caught when you strike a pole & run over a motorcyclist. Think about it genius. Too bad he didn’t play for the Sox last year. He would have fit right in.

  7. jscott says:

    Glen are you serious “No need to kick a man who is already down.” This piece of Sh!@ deserves to be kicked a lot and then rot behind bars and think everyday how he didn’t take his sobriety seriously. Matt Bush isn’t the man down, the guy he ran over who is fighting for his life is the man down, his family is down, Matt Bush’s family is down but Matt Bush himself shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place…. Besides the Hit and run, Dui /w serious injury, Property Damage, He was also driving on a Suspended License…

    • lori says:

      Good thing you’re perfect!

      • louie says:

        lori, that remark characterizes one who has not attained a level of maturity that qualifies for responding to any issue.. are you suggesting that matt bush be forgiven for this barbarian behavior? if so, then you have a lot to learn.

        • Bob says:

          I in no way condone his actions,but as soon as you start to drink the first thing you lose is your judgement,thus his actions of driving while under the influence.

      • jscott says:

        Lori I am far from perfect…. But I’m not out there drinking & driving, I am not out there driving on a suspended license, I sure the hell wouldn’t leave the scene of an accident of any kind. So again to you’re sarcastic remark, I know I’m not perfect but realize I make better decisions then he has and since they are his decisions then he deserves to pay for them…

      • Tacmarine1 says:


  8. thomas says:

    The guy on the bike will get millions… matt will be playing ball by wed….

    If it where not a celeberty.. they would be going to prison…

  9. Larry says:

    But this Basterd in Jail like anyone would be, I’m tired of all these SOB’s, who thing they are above the Law and the Law and Systems lets them get away with it, Screw our system

  10. almo says:

    Hey big guy, how are you doing? Oh, someone stomped your bat and balls? Well, you deserve that and much more, i hope a hells angel messed you up and then when you are sitting there defenseless and bleeding big bubba comes into your cell and gives you a surprise party. people like you make me sick.

  11. Tiffany says:

    There is absolutely no excuse for driving and drinking. My daughters best friend was killed on Easter 2 years ago, along with her mother by a 3 time convicted drunk driver. He too, didn’t know what he had done, and afterwards his only concern was the condition of his car. He was sentenced to life in prison. The sentence that he passed along to the families and friends of the two lives in took, endless grief and heartache. There are a lot of folks in this world who recognize that they have a problem with alcohol, and make the decision to not drink and drive. People fight addictions everyday, and those who don’t and choose to be so arrogant and self-centered, will pay the price…hopefully a long time in prison. Praying for the family of the man who’s life was ended so tragically, and praying for the Bush family!

    • Andrea says:

      Tiffany, the man he hit, his life has not ended in tragedy yet, he is in serious condition. I do agree with what you said, just wanted to point out the victim is not dead, he is still hanging on to life.

  12. GTM says:

    Glen you are so right. Let anyone on here that has never had an issue with something, a problem out of their control, an addiction they couldn’t fight or even worse, take hold of someone they love, or a battle they couldn’t win, be the first to land the first kick. The man on the motorcyle and his family need our prayers but so does this guy. He doesn’t need more hate and condemnation. Im sure he is doing a pretty good job of this on his own. I would be very careful of what I wish on someone else.

    • JackSp says:

      Finally, an intelligent statement. We are all so blind. Too bad we can’t clear our own eyes before we try to spot the villains. My guess is that everyone of the loudmouths condemning Matt (and Glen) have some issues that motivate them to speak out. Thats ok too, just don’t bring a baseball bat. Keep it verbal, we’ve had our fill of Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Iran. Hey, we’re 12 and 1.

    • JMC says:

      The only reason Bush would feel bad is because he got caught. DO you really think he cares. HELL NO. If he had, he would have stopped and helped the man instead of running. Give HIM A BREAK. Hell no. He deserves every bit of pain and suffering. However; seeing how this is not his first time, he apparently doesn’t care about anything, so let him suffer, if he can. People like him don’t care… therefore they don’t suffer.

  13. Duane says:

    All I’ll say is this – COME HERE, BITCH!!!

  14. ZXKawi says:

    I have no sympathy for him what so ever! He knew he had a problem and continued to abuse it. Now he almost took someone’s life without even caring enough to remember hitting him. What a POS! I pray for the true victim of the CRIME! Accidents are mistakes….. this was not one. He chose to do this!

  15. Calvin Knowles says:

    Hey ..Matt how does it feel to run over a 72 yr.old man riding his motorcycle and Leaving him for Dead in the middle of the Road..While you were Drunk ..Ever think that it could have been Your Father or mine or someone’s Child on the back seat taking a joy ride with there Grand Father around the block ..Aw..thats right you think your above the law your Famous you can do what ever you want .My career is going down the tubes …I have a drinking problem ..If you knew that Why would you get in your SUV and drive knowing you have a problem ..It’s a good thing I’m not a Judge I would sit you down in Prison for about 10 years and fix your drinking Problem…You better get your life straight or you will be in prison or dead the next time you drive drunk ..You can E-mail or find me on Facebook the next time so I can call all of my friends to get off of the road..Matt is coming through and nothing is stopping him…My Prayers go out to the Gentleman that was hit and his Family hope he recovers to ride another day !

  16. Jesus Christ says:

    I think your all morons.

  17. Ben Jones says:


    RE: Matt Bush

    Time for the jail house and a “Do not get out of jail card”- you were given an opportunity to play baseball and literally drank it away- really stupid!

  18. Ernie says:

    He should be banned from baseball for life. Once a drunk, always a drunk. I hope the poor man he hit gets everything he owns. Matt Bush is the lowest of scum.

  19. Michigan says:

    Alcoholism is a serious problem. From what I’ve read, he has recognized that he is an alcoholic. He needed to follow AA steps. Everyday, every moment an alcoholic has challenges. There are resources (groups, sponsors, etc.) that he needed. The injured man (if he survives) and his family will forever suffer – I pray for them. Bush will suffer too, wishing he could turn back the clock…perhaps now a recovering alcoholic will push his way into Bush’s life and Bush will accept. Wherever he spends his next days, he will still be an alcoholic, now compounded by many more permanent issues.

  20. J says:

    Cute boy enjoy that saddle soreness.

    • Al says:

      You think that is a cute remark, but it is sick .I can’t believe the degree of repulsive comments about this man’s future . and the lack of humility about what has happened.This Is Not A JOkING matter in any way. It’s almost to the point of being mentally Ill for the ones taking this so casual.Many Lives have been changed Forever.

  21. Lisa says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the man on the motorcycle and his family, thank god he had the good sense to wear a helmet, it may have saved his life! As for Matt Bush – you should be ashamed of yourself and your horrible choice to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of .18 (more than 2 times the legal limit) thank god you dint hit and kill more people or cause a pile up! What gives you the right to play god with other peoples lives! You made a choice to drink then you made a choice to drive but that poor man did not choose to be run over by you! I hope you pay for those choices and think about the pain you have caused others with your blatent disrespect for others on the road

  22. tabatha yarrington says:

    i really hope he goes to prison for life he needs it he knows he did wrong and still did it and i do belive in not kicking a man when he is down but he needs it maybe now he will pay for what he did. he should never be allowed to drive in his life. and to jesus christ you know it is wrong to take that there is only one of him and IT IS NOT YOU!!!!!!!

    • jim says:

      really, jail for life? some people are so dumb

      • Tom says:

        I’m sure you’ll say that when your 4 yr. old son is killed by these A-holes who cry about their addictions.. and to all of those who want to make out like we owe him something because “we all have issues”… BS! you’d be surprised how many of us have no addictions and don’t endanger others lives intentionally by being stupid. If you do, then go get help and stop endangering us and our children with your pathetic weaknesses.

      • Tacmarine1 says:

        And you are a Fool!

  23. Julie Chicken Cop says:

    Look people…..I doubt anyone of you are complete angels so stop acting like it. It was wrong of him to do what he did…..he knows this and so do we. Why cant we help someone get up instead of knocking him down all over again. Clearly the guy needs help and he admits he an alcoholic which is the hardest thing and the first step of a long journey. In this world you live and learn. I know some of you have had personal experiences where as this particular situation really bothers you, but remember…..we are all in this together.

    • Shell says:

      Funny you should say angel, what about Angel baseball player Nick Adenhart who was killed by a drunk driver along with his friends. That should of hit home close enough to Bush to think about his drinking and needing help. It’s easy to say you need help after you are caught of hit & run. What he did’t know how to call for a taxi

    • St. Peter says:

      What if that was your dad on the motorcycle? Honestly ask yourself how you would feel then.

    • Roy says:

      Julie please speak for yourself. I am a complete angel and I love you too. Next time, please consider your facts. Thank you. I’m watching you.

    • Jonanthan Knedal says:

      Brava dear one, until another time….that was good.

      Also for those who would take this man’s life. WADR, Give unto…but remember gifts are often mutual.

  24. john says:

    Here we go again. no matter how much sympathy and help they are offered, some people just will not listen, and sadly go down the tubes.
    What a waste of humanity.

  25. Dave in Kansas says:

    This unfortunate event happens and MADD gets more ammunition to affect the judgement of our legal system on every other poor sap being charged with an impairment offense. Many extenuating circumstances may occur whether the person has a high BA level or not. It should be publicized the effects of simple aspirin, cholesterol med’s, etc… have on BS levels and BA levels. A BA level can become illegal with 2 beers and the person hasn’t eaten much and has consumed aspirin and cholesterol med’s. Point is: “Don’t throw everyone under the bus unless all the facts are known.”

    • JMC says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Do you think it’s okay for someone to take meds, drink and DRIVE. Idiot. NO one should take meds and drink. EVER. Doesn’t matter what meds, doesn’t matter how much booze. Does not matter what state of mind or situation. DON’T F….ng do it. period. That’s what’s wrong NOW. People are not held responsible for their stupid ass actions. GET A CLUE. It’s wrong whether the meds are legal, if they are mixed with booze. If you drink ANYTHING and drive… no matter how much you drink… you should go to jail. If this happened more often there wouldn’t be so many idiots drinking, driving and killing people. WAKE UP. Quit feeling sorry for those stupid ass holes. Unless of course you ARE one too. That would figure.

  26. Realness says:

    What a bunch of [sorry, I only know how to use offensive words to make my uneducated point so the editor deleted the ignorant word and substituted this] you all are……

  27. bonehead says:

    I’m to drunk to comment…

  28. Arjay says:

    What an arrogant prick! Hope he spends a long time in prison.

  29. Beau says:

    Look at those eyes…. very telling! I wish i could sat that the redness is from sadness or grief…but i’m guessing it from being wasted!!!

  30. Jeff says:

    Fine all this crap is over alcohol, Just make the crap illegale and legalise Marijuana. The he’d be to stoned to drive like a idiot !! You hear how bad Marijuana is But I have yet to see any one under the influence of “pot” kill someone in a car !!

    • Tacmarine1 says:

      We are tooo stoned to get off the couch! >:)

    • Roy says:

      Say what?????? Dr. Robert DuPont of the Institute for Behavior and Health (
      • 20% of all motor vehicle accidents are attributable to drugged driving. (50% of seriously
      injured drivers test positive for drugs. (Walsh JM, Flegel R., et al 2005)
      • 8,600 people died in 2005 as a result of drugged driving
      • 580,000 people were injured in car crashes as a result of drugged driving
      • $33 billion in damages every year.
      Which drug is most prevalent? Marijuana! 26.9% of seriously injured drivers tested
      positive for marijuana. There are 127 million current users of alcohol in America and, and
      because of restrictive drug policies, only 15 million smoke marijuana. In spite of this, alcohol
      was only involved with 15% of injured drivers compared to marijuana at 26.9%. Per capita,
      marijuana smokers cause 18 times more injury accidents than alcohol.
      In a

  31. Sarah says:

    There is always hope, look in on this website.

  32. big art says:

    andrea u snort cocaine

  33. Joe says:

    He deserves jail time and a lot of it. Maybe Alcoholism is a disease, but He made the choice to drink, on it’s own that would have been OK, But then he made the dissension to Drive, That is Not OK. He does not have the right to put everyone else s life in jeopardy

  34. big art says:

    u better get the facts the man he hit was 76 and a crack addict they tested him and he was under the influece too. crack kills andrea

  35. big art says:

    oh yeah the man on the motorcycle was texting and eating a snowcone

  36. louie says:

    tiffany, well said.

  37. dave says:

    The poor guy has self destructive habits. Maybe he should go into a room alone and play russian roullette, then he won’t hurt any innocent people.

  38. DON says:

    Get that idiot off highways.

  39. Taura says:

    Matt Bush is my cousin and I love him. To have to hear cruel things that people say about him really makes me sad. It is just not right. He has an alcohol problem, that he has been battling and dealing with very seriously. He also has a professional career, like all of us, that he works hard at every day. This man loves his family, the sport of baseball, his team, and his career. Matt is human; just like the rest of us. I often wonder about people who believe themselves to be so perfect and unscarred; and then lash out and criticize others. We should all be hoping and praying for the victim, the victim’s family, as well as my cousin. I want all of this to work out well for all parties involved; as well as it can possibly be.

    • james says:

      No he made a choice now someone elese is paying the price for his dumb ass.

    • james says:

      Dont guess you have ever been hit by a drunk while on your motorcycle enjoying your day have you well my wife and I have. Hope the jerk has good insurance and a lot of money put back cause the poor guys family will need it.

    • Tacmarine1 says:

      Taura you are an Idiot. Go back to drinking your families Kool-Aid. MORON.

    • Ryan Hornsby says:

      I don’t give a damn if he’s your relative, he has nearly killed someone from his selfish behavior and now he’s going to darn well have to be a man and stand up and face the music. He ran away from the scene of the accident like a coward and then claimed not to remember it. If the man he ran over dies, the charges will be upgraded. I hope he rots in jail. Terrible role model for kids.

    • Roy says:

      digits? lol

    • F.O.Vick Lovers says:

      First of all, going back to LaTrell Spreewell (spelling)…. who choked his coach and still became a millionaire NBA’er…. Matt will be signed by some BULLSHIT organization who can think of nothing but (Charlie Sheen knock off) WINNINGGG…. And as for Michael “Dog Killer” Vick, yeah like I said, FUCK THAT P.O.S. Once a convict, ALWAYS a CONVICT! Sometimes this country and its bass ackwards views on life completely embarASS the shit out of me!!! (I really am starting to HATE professional (loosely) sports and their over paid, undereducated, backward, “GANGSTA-THUG” mantality’s) The only sport I am letting slide, at this point, is Hockey!
      (fyi: The NBA is the WORST!)So, Tara, your cousin is a piece of shit, drunken, irrisponsible DICKHEAD! May he ROT in JAIL for teh rest of his pathetic life!

    • David says:

      If he had a alcohol problem and he is from a good family, why didn’t anybody in his family take his license and car away??? Why didn’t somebody in his family volunteer to be a chauffeur for him? Giving a car to an alcoholic is like giving a gun to a murderer.
      Main point of all this is that Matt Bush hit someone that is now in the hospital and he ran from the scene like a coward.

  40. james says:

    Dear Matt Bush I hope they fry your stupid drunk ass you know what you were doing before you took the first drink you now a poor 72 year old biker who has more than likely worked for what he has may not make it unlike you you sorry piece of shit.

  41. John says:

    He will go away for a while…maybe jail but likely not. Then he will appear as a “cleaned up Man” who served his shortened time and is now ready to rejoin society. He will be another Michael Vic or Plaxico. You guys express your anyry opinions yet continue supporting the ones who support their criminal behavior. How about boycotting the games until these criminals face the same punishment that we all would face for the same crime? This guy ran over someone’s head and ran away. It’s just a matter of time before He’s playing ball again.

  42. Haruta says:

    I pity the old guy who was hurt. I had an experience of being hit and the other guy left the scene of the accident. Everything in life is a choice, it so happens that he made the wrong choice now someone out there is suffering in pain. And you tell me have compassion on Matt Bush. I for one don’t have compassion for his wrong actions. You won’t feel the pain and suffering until you yourself is a victim of a hit and run. For me it was a life changing experience.

  43. Richard says:

    He needs to hit bottom, We can hope this is his bottom. I been there.

  44. for all of you who state alcoholism is a disease:
    Where you may be correct there, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident IS NOT a disease. That poor little rich kid needs to pay dearly. Kinda reminds me of the poor big rich polo mogul who also left the scene, thinking his money could get him out of it

  45. Jack Daniels says:

    Matt, I hope you get it in the ass nightly in the slammer

    • Roy says:

      Thay big guy that sounds truly delectable. I love them soap dropping young boys in prithon. mmmm mmmmmm you devil you! thop it already.

  46. splash2112 says:

    If or when this young man has paid his debt, will you guys still kick him. Forget No way, forgive?

  47. splash2112 says:

    remember Ted K. he got way with it.

  48. Buster22 says:

    Break his legs then hang the SOB. He’s worthless and should be put away for a long, long time with others who commit hanis crimes. Screw him to the wall – have NO mercey.

  49. Tomas says:

    When the San Diego Padres cut Bush loose a couple of years ago it was one of the few smart moves they’ve made. He got a 3 million signing bonus but after three or four of Matt’s mistakes they’d had enough. He needs to do some hard time for a few years. Forget about baseball now, it’s over. And make restitution to your crash victim and pray for his recovery.

  50. Brett says:

    This guy deserves what ever he gets. You people who feel sorry for this guy are morons. This guy had a choice and he made one he chose to drink and then he chose to drive and hit a old man. He then chose to run away like a punk. You can make excuses but the fact is we all have choices to make and we have to live with the consiquenses of those choices. You can blame it on drugs or drinking but when you have a problem and know you cant drink you don’t. He was not drunk when he took that first drink. Now this poor guy on his motorcycle who has probably worked hard his entire life and should be enjoying the fruits of his labor now has to fight for his life and will never be the same all because this ahole decided he needed a drink. I hope he made a lot of money because this guy should give it all the the guy he hit.
    I feel soory for the victim not the drunk!

  51. JMC says:

    I think YOU should spend the rest of your life in jail. You do not deserve any “special” treatment, you should not receive any special privileges either. Anyone who is STUPID enough to drink, knowing they have a problem, then getting behind the wheel of a HUGE vehicle should never see daylight again. Any money you have should be given to the man you hurt or his family. There are too many of you scum bags on the road and YOU should never be allowed to be out again. I hope you turn to dust before you are let out.

  52. KPeezy says:

    The bar that served the last drink will be in deep trouble. Trust me, after 27 years in the bar management business………..I know.

  53. WaltB123 says:

    I literally hate you people who show more compassion for a man with such disregard for another humans life, than the poor bastard he ran over. And you wonder why this country is so screwed up. Theres no accountability for our actions. Celebrities can hit and run a homeless man killing him and get away with it (Halle Berry). Bankers and politicians rob us blind and dont even get charged with single crime, then get million dollar bonuses. Michael Vick can torture and execute animals, serve a lil time, and get right back on his pedestal. The examples go on and on. Why do you think “people” in this country are so screwy nowadays? They’re being taught that its not so bad. There there, it’ll be ok…. effen idiots.

    When are you people going to wake up and realize that some people can’t be fixed and need to be punished- severely. At the very least, the public should shame them for the rest of their life to set an example for our children…

    • F.O.Vick Lovers says:

      I SOOOO agree with you, oh and dont forget about Mr Vincent Neil Warton (singer of Motley Crue) who bought his way out of MURDER!!!!! I am embaraSSed as well about how screwed up this country is and WHAT you can get away with when you have fame and fortune.

    • KathyW8 says:

      WaltB123, Alcoholism must not have ever been a problem for you or anyone you love or care about…saying you “literally hate” any person must be your personal problem/weakness, or is it your addiction?

      I give no serious regard to any comments made by folks that pass judgment on others or those that feel the NEED to call any one else some ugly name…that automatically makes me dismiss anything that person has written. Name-calling and hating is a very serious problem in this country, and it should be punished as a crime.

      And, to the person that asked: “if you had a relative killed in a drunken drinking accident wouldn’t you be in court demanding punishment?” Well, my only sibling was killed at age 20 riding in a car with a person drinking while intoxicated, and my reply is: “NO”!!

      No one in my family went to court seeking punishment or retribution against the driver….It wasn’t for for to judge that person. As my mother put it at the time: “Had it been the other way around, and my brother was driving when another person will killed, he would not have been able to live with that.” BELIEVE IT OR NOT, people that cause harm to others and they understand it was their fault, normally punish themselves more than anyone else ever could. In many cases, the worst punishment is rendered by a person’s own psyche.

  54. BillinTokyo says:

    Anybody notice the personal injury attorney ad at the top of the page? Now THERE’S the real disease!
    You people ranting on and on and on . . . get a life yourselves.

  55. aminorbender says:

    Matt needs rehab and lots of AA meetings.
    There are two kinds of drinkers. 1. Social drinkers. These people can have one or two drinks and walk away. 2. Alcoholics…these people CAN’T stop at one or two….they drink until their drunk. Matt falls into category 2.
    Alcoholism IS a disease! Read online how alcoholism effects the brain before someone calls Matt a loser. Matt needs rehab and meetings. Alcoholics would only understand Matt’s situation. God bless you Matt. One day at a time. May you find peace for what you have done. Pray….it works.

    • F.O.Vick Lovers says:

      BULLSHIT, ITS A CHOICE!!!! And piss on you enablers who make it “dealable” to defend your CHOICE with BULLSHIT diagnosis’….

  56. Whiteboy says:

    He left the man too die what’s that got to do with a disease just another dumb faggot jock

  57. SUGRE KILLA says:

    Alcoholism is a BIG LiE that the Hierarchy wants you to believe. Alcoholics are borderline and/or type2 diabetics(most don’t know it) who don’t crave alcohol but the sugar alcohol turns into. So in essence, it is a disease…Just not the disease that “they” are making it out to be…Sugar is a killer…

  58. kris says:

    all i gotta say is alcohol is an addiction not a disease just like smoking or meth or anything else i used to be an alcoholic and yes did drink and drive fortunately i never hurt anyone i used to smoke decided after seein my dad get lung cancer that was enuff threw them away same with alcohol i can drink and know when enuff is enuff and if i drink i have a dd it takes will power to overcome things matt made a bad choice if you read what he told the deputy when asked if this was a wake up call he said no been there done that that is blaitent disregard of human life if the gentlemen that was injured should die you can bet mr. bush will be put away for a long time doesnt matter if hes famous or not money and fame wont get him out of this one he made his choice to drive now he will have to take his punishment i agree with alot of the comments alcohol is just a crutch drinking is a priviledge alot of people abuse that priviledge

    • F.O.Vick Lovers says:

      Ummm, do you not remember back in the 80′s when the singer of Motley Crue bought his way out of a MURDER/Voulntary/In-Voluntary Manslaughter charge and serious prison time when he KILLED the drummer from Hanoi Rocks in a Drunken driving accident? Not to mention he bought his way out of littegations with the twomother people he disabled for life and left as vegetables. ANYTHING is possible in this SCREWED UP country!!

  59. Victrolla says:

    “Disease” my ass. Fuck childish losers like this guy and fuck jocks.

  60. jefcol59 says:

    aminorbender has said it completely! there are alot of misguided people responding to a very serious situation. how could anyone in their “right” mind make so light of this. pray for both parties..the families! so quick to pass judgment.. when you have probally been in the wrong least once..right?

  61. naszdom says:

    well this is Florida , why should he be charged
    after all you can kill a kid and just walk away, rape a child the judge lets you out you kill another child
    Florida kill and have fun

    • Roy says:

      LOL. Florida’s new motto ” the land of Disney but forget that, grab a gun and lets kill.” weeeee. fun fun. kill kill blood makes the grass grow.

  62. Saved by Grace says:

    Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone!! Get the plank out of your own eye, before you try to get the speck out of someone elses eye!

  63. ALAN says:


    • Roy says:

      Alan, may God be with her and you. Glad you shared that with us. Sad and feel your pain through your words. Tragic.

  64. Jenn says:

    You all just remember all these comments your posting about this when you pull out in front of that motorcycle next week because your in just such a rush to get to where it is your going. Sadly when you make the choice to ride a motorcycle, its not a question of IF you go down, it’s WHEN you go down. As a motorcycle rider, I’ve had people look right at me as they pull out in front of me forcing me to slam on my brakes and almost go down. I’ve lost quite a few friends, only one of them involved a drunk driver, the others were because of unobservant or distracted drivers. Well, there was one because of a lightening strike, but that was a completely freak accident that couldn’t be prevented. My prayers go out to the victim and his family. As for Bush, hope this serves as a wake up call. I have serious doubts that it will considering his comments to the cops. It sounds like he just doesn’t care that he is ruining his life or who he takes down with him.

  65. Roy says:

    If that man dies than probably the death sentence would be the only fitting punishment. He made a choice just like that man did to get on his bike except the man on the bike was not driving a eight thousand pound SUV with a drunk as a weapon behind the wheel whom selfishly drove off because he was concerned about his career. bad choice.

  66. davo says:

    you guys all need to get a fucking life

  67. Anthony says:

    Internet lynch mobs ! ..
    everyone out for blood until they or one of theyre loved ones do something wrong, then its excuse after excuse.. i know ________, he wouldnt do such a thing, this and that!.. It was an accident that is related to alcohol, and yes, he will pay the price for that, if not already!..
    no need to be heartless fools as life will give us all bad cards one day.

  68. joey says:


  69. fishhead says:

    I don’t give a rats’ ass whether drinking is a disease or not. The point here ( which most of you lost sight of ) is this jerk got drunk and hit a motorcyclist, then left the scene ! I too ride a motorcycle. Put this bastard in jail

  70. F.O.Vick Lovers says:

    F.O.Vick Lovers says:

    March 24, 2012 at 5:43 am

    First of all, going back to LaTrell Spreewell (spelling)…. who choked his coach and still became a millionaire NBA’er…. Matt will be signed by some BULLSHIT organization who can think of nothing but (Charlie Sheen knock off) WINNINGGG…. And as for Michael “Dog Killer” Vick, yeah like I said, FUCK THAT P.O.S. Once a convict, ALWAYS a CONVICT! Sometimes this country and its bass ackwards views on life completely embarASS the shit out of me!!! (I really am starting to HATE professional (loosely) sports and their over paid, undereducated, backward, “GANGSTA-THUG” mantality’s) The only sport I am letting slide, at this point, is Hockey!
    (fyi: The NBA is the WORST!)

  71. Grady says:


  72. Joe Riera says:

    Alcohol, drugs, gambling ect. is to a diease, it’s a weakness, I’m sorry anybody who can hurt others by their weakness of drinking and driving must pay a high punishment, I ride a motorcycle and as mush as I enjoy my riding I’m always looking out for carzy ans unresponsible drivers out there.

  73. jvii says:

    Lord have mercy on Matt, get him the help he needs.

    Let it be known that doctor answers and treatment is heavily $$$(money) related. The more money in it for the medical professional, the better answers and/or treatments they render.

    Since this occurred in Florida, Matt is on easy street, all he has to do is say , “IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!!!”

  74. Rod says:

    Oh don’t worry, so freakin defense attorney will get him off on a technicality.

  75. bunghole says:


  76. DREW says:

    You know its all good to say shit like he should have learned his lesson. But lets be honest…Just because he plays baseball doesn’t mean he is not human. We look up to people like this and just because they have talent we think they are flawless and should be perfect. He has a sickness for sure..Its called the human condition…Judge not less ye be judged…and prisons are full of people that make split second decisions under the influence…never say never,next time it could be you…

  77. Greg says:

    I think too many people are missing the point here. I have recenty worked for years with two people that are certified alcoholics and both of them choose not to even maintain a license to drive even though they have that option. One of them uses a designated cab driver to bring them to work,home,their favorite watering hole,strip joint or where ever he needs to go. I also know that at an hourly wage of $18 this is a tremendous financial burden but this is the cost this person is willing to “pay to play” and I know the other person has walked 11 miles to get home or to work on nurmorus occasions when rides did not work out. They both try to get rides when they can, often having to wait sometimes hours beyound their shift in order to hook up with someone going their way. I know each of them can be a burden to other’s in their attempts to manage the possible consequences of their disease but I have to give them credit for the basic sacrifices they are willing to make to help keep themselves managed in this area. What really gets me is how many “intelligent” people of wealth or higher status there are that don’t have the common sence to do the same with what’s they have at stake. Many of them are willing to pay millions after the fact to try to fabricate their way out of their preventable situation. I and many others have played the odds a number of times so I know it’s not just as simple as this, but at one point we all make that conscious decision to set ourselves up for a situation to drink or do drugs and put ourselves behind the wheel knowing what the consequences are.

  78. Winknine says:

    I know that many miss the point of CHOICE vs. DISEASE. The first drink is a choice! The second is more attractive to alcoholics and every drink thereafter. The first drink is also more yearning to the addict that he/she wants it more than the non-alcoholic. The disease takes place at this point in that the affects of alcohol overtake even the most respected people. This is the same phenomenon as the obese wanting to consume a donut. They don’t stop at one – they always want that second one and so on. Men ARE NOT created equal when it comes to behaving while drinking alcohol, consuming food, faith, intelligence and the list goes on. It’s very easy for some to dismiss the idea of disease when it pertains to alcohol but if it is available some can not handle it…

  79. miguel maertinez says:

    i test drugs & alcohol..and i 100% to said its weakness.. i stop doing all that when i change my form of see my life and now ihave strong control on my life

  80. Randy says:

    This entire country and its population has been labeled with probably just as many diseases and issues as there are people in it. It is ridiculous that we label every single little quirk or disfunction with a name, oh you eat too many chicken sandwiches you have the disease “chicken30syndrome” WHATEVER!! we all have been led down the path that we all have a problem, sickness or some damn disease and it’s too damn much!! we are pathetic and depend on doctors and clinics to fix all our ills, take a few of these pills and do this and your may be cured. Get a grip on your life people and stop depending on the neighbor to tell you you’re sick or that your diet isn’t right or some other nonsense.. Grow up and face your responsibilities and be smarter, DUH! God is i took the advice of every doctor and talk show host I should have been dead already becuase of this or that.. WAKE UP!! he and everyone else who makes stupid decisions in their life should be held accountable, PERIOD!! make sound decisions and plan your life and voila you’ll probably live long and free of these so called “diseases” Good Luck!!

  81. DHILL says:

    back in the 80′s i was drinking heavily finely i had enough i started back up a few years ago then i saw what was going on and i have stopped again. i have control of my life again and thats the way it will stay. all you have to do is say i am a alcoholic and stop drinking talk to your friends it will all work out.

  82. EF says:

    Let’s not forget about the real VICTIM here…it’s the innocent guy who got run over by the diseased Bush.

  83. Tony B says:

    He deserves the worst punishment. I hate it when these stupid ass role models are supposed to inspire these young kids today that it’s ok to do drugs or to drink and drive. What message are they sending our kids. I can’t wait for the day that they cut him from the team and his ass is broke and homeless. Then he can drink himself to death. I can’t wait to piss on his grave right in front of his mother. Show her that her son is a piece of shit.

    • Derek R. says:

      Tony, I agree with everything you’ve stated; but not about the mother. She probably did the best she could and he just became the disappointment in her life….

  84. Derek R. says:

    …whether alcoholism is a disease or not is irrelevant at this point! Here are the facts: He decided to get a drink; He decided to drink to the point of becoming a danger to himself and/or society; He committed FOUR obvious crimes (DUI, destruction of [personal] property, fleeing the scene of a crime and Assault with a deadly weapon–his vehicle); He admitted to committing THREE obvious crimes earlier (hitting a pole) that night (DUI, destruction of property, fleeing the scene of a crime).
    Now, I will say this as a fact. This (so-called) “disease” is caused by the person’s wreck-less (over-indulge) CHOICE to put the alcohol into their body!!!! This should be classified as a “self-created disease” diabetes, autism, cancer, and others are diseased that are not labeled as “self start-up” as alcoholism.
    I do applaud all those who have sought help to live with this addiction and are maintaining their sobriety; however, MATT BUSH will do this again and WILL kill someone….IF he does not seek help IMMEDIATELY!!!! I will say it again: MATT BUSH WILL KILL SOMEONE if he does not seek assistance soon!!! If the person he injured pulls through, I hope he takes every cent Mr. Bush has. Also, Matt should use this incident as his WAKE-UP CALL, because the next father, son, grandfather, mother, daughter, grandmother……………..child…………that he comes in contact with–by way of alcohol–may have to be fitted for a casket………….

  85. attaboi says:

    I cant help trying to have sex w/other beautiful women. Be it at the mall, grocery store,neighborhood, or at work. ‘MY WIFE CANT UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE A DISEASE!”

  86. Mickey S. says:

    THAT Much MONEY and To Stupid To Have A DRIVER? michael Jackson Made The Same Mistake,,THAT much money And NO HANDLERS To Chaperon His Barbie Parties.

  87. society concern says:

    Alcoholics, Drug dependency, Pedophile, Murderers, Obesity, ADD, ADHD

    When will society stop with the free pass of excuses for all these individuals? Alcohol doesn’t kill 50% of all people involved in traffic accidents, murders, and domestic violence etc, PEOPLE DO! We all do have choices in our live; we all make mistakes some with more severe repercussions than others. I’m not saying that addiction is not a disease, but we do have a choice in do we drink or don’t we drink, when we drink we can’t stop or become reckless; well the choice is yours to stop drinking. Why should other innocent people continue to suffer from your learning experiences and decision making? If every person came up with a syndrome, disease, suppressed memory for the wrong they did in their life, would there be anybody left that was responsible or normal??? We all have baggage to some degree, how you deal with yours may not just effect your life……

  88. Joshua says:

    jesus is the only answer turn to him and he will deliver you from your afflictions i pray that this young man gets the help he needs

  89. repav says:

    most of these replies come from people who are drinking as they are typing or don’t know what spellcheck is!!

  90. SGT says:

    What a scumbag!! I get sick of how these overpaid pro ball players cry poor me and get away with crimes from drugs to murder. I hope he gets 10 years in jail. What a jerk!!!

  91. tamcor says:

    Alcoholics have an allergy to alcohol,which means an abnormal reaction to alcohol. Once entered into the system the brain reacts differently than if not entered, but you don’t know it affects you until it is entered and then it is to late. Like bee stings.

  92. DaBadass says:

    When the news say “serious injury” it means serious. This a-hole cugot a taxi or a limo, for that matter. I’m surprised the cop arrested him. Must not of been a big baseball fan.

  93. DaBaDa$$ says:

    He looks high on marijuana too. I think you git the Death Penalty for that in FL…

  94. Billie says:

    I will be praying for ALL involved. No one ever thinks they are going to be the one that it will happen to. Any of us are capable of making a horrible mistake and we all have. The difference is not all of our mistakes are brought to light, but the good news is we ALL can be forgiven and redeemed and God can heal ANY and ALL broken bones/injuries. The only loser is the one that doesn’t come to this realization.

  95. sHIRLEY says:

    I have a friend who was pulling out of his driveway& was sideswiped by a drunk driver & the driver fled into the woods. When he was caught, he went to jail, but was never charged or served any time. Because he was a soldier home from Afganistan, the police thought he was saving our country, a good boy you could say.My friend lost his job, couldnt walk for months, never recieved a dime. The driver put everything in his parents name so my friend couldnt sue. my friend was just going to work. Minding his own business. So yeah, famous or not- HE NEEDS TO GO TO PRISON. The victim is always forgotten when things like this happen. REMEMBER-ALWAYS REMEMBER THE VICTIMS!!! My prayers to the 76 y/o & his family.

  96. Jim says:

    Maybe he is innocent.

  97. JJBB says:

    Throw him in jail, that will cure him of drinking!

  98. Cave Canem says:

    Every Angel fan has the Nick Adenhart tragedy seared into their memory. Unfortunately this behavior is repeated everyday somewhere in America by people who should know better. What a price to pay when Mr. Bush obviously could afford the cab ride home.

  99. Hazen says:

    What surprises me is all the anger. Yes he should be punished. He will be I am sure. it is a crime. Crimes require you to pay the price of the crime. I have two DUI’s. One I almost killed myself the other was a .08. Thank Gos I never harmed anyone on the road. I would have a hard time living with myself if I had. I did however harm the people closest to me. My family. Lot of wasted money on an attorney and fines. Lots of times I couldn’t drive when my children needed me to. I now have 3 years clean. By the grace of God. I understand both sides here. When you don’t have the addiction problem it is hard to understand. The person with the addiction problem does have a responsibility to correct it. To not put others in danger. If he does he should be punished. At the same time anyone who doesn’t accept the fact it is a disease is ignorant. Not through any fault of their own. it is just something only a person who has the disease can understand. I did not become better until I accepted the fact I had a disease. That I was not strong enough to drink responsibly. My choice is to not drink. I have to be strong and maintain my sobriety. It is a choice. For me it is a lot harder than for the people posting it is a simple choice. I believe I have it beat now. Thanks to people who understand. Thanks to support. With the attitude of a lot of you I wouldn’t have had a chance. No one is saying let the kid go. I don’t see a single person saying the disease should allow him to walk away. Like the judge told me my choice to get behind the wheel affects my family, myself, and innocent people on the road. I didn’t serve time but was punished pretty severely. One more and it is prison for me. I choose not to let that happen. By recognizing my addiction and fighting it. I do everything in excess. it is just how I am built. Runs rampant in my Mom’s side of the family. It isn’t like the clown above said ” I asked Mom ans she quit therefor anyone can”. That is just an ignorant statement. Help people who have the problem instead of condemning them and we may see a lot less of these tragedies.

    • Mo says:

      Normal reaction is you should feel angry about this. Was this man that was hit your father, brother, son?? Anger is a normal response to this.

  100. Derek R. says:

    …I find it hard to see the point of this being a disease….NO ONE has this “disease” until you drink and break the law
    ….aids, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. are types of disease that can spread from sexual contact (usually)
    ….heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, etc. are types of abnormalities (disease) that are hereditary
    ….pneumonia, measles, chicken pox, yellow fever, are types of ailments (diseases) that can come from being out in the environment
    someone PLEASE tell me how I might “catch”, “spread”, “get”, “contact”, this (so-called) “disease” IF I never touched alcohol in my life??

  101. Brian says:

    When a person gets a disease, you get help. I got hit by a drunk driving a motorcycle several years ago. It changed my life forever.

    You have chance after chance Bush. Rot in hell.

    Brian Bell

  102. Anthony says:

    The law is the law. No drinking and driving !!!
    Pay the consequenses. Keep it simple !!!

  103. gerry says:

    After reading all the comments, one thing comes to mind. These people who have a bundle of money, live under the philosophy which is “sense of entitlement” and “important peoples act”. Let them serve the same time as a regular working dude…..

  104. Shaun C says:

    Here’s the penalty for a 2nd convicition of DWI in the state of Florida:

    Second Conviction
    Fines of $500 to $1,000. For BAC of .20 or higher, or a minor in the car, minimum $1,000 to $2,000.Jail time of not more than nine months. A BAC of .20 or higher, or driving with a minor in the car, will require up to 12 months. If it’s your second conviction in five years, a mandatory 10-day jail sentence will be required.Vehicle impoundment (if a second conviction in five years) for 30 days.Driver license revoked for six months minimum. If it’s your second conviction in five years, you’ll lose your license for five years (but will be eligible to apply for a hardship license after one year).

    Lucky he`s not in a jurisdiction that gives you serious time for impaired driving…

  105. bigart says:

    he was wrong but snowcones texting and doing whelies is also no good

  106. Jim Ham says:

    I was run down at low speed last year on a bike very much like the one the victim rode here. – -No Body can drink and drive – -No Body – -I choose not to drink and you damn well better not drink either.Your judgment is skewed long before you notice any physical impairment. I was run down by a psychotic eighty five year old who just didn’t see me..Shes out there tonight hurtling around in a two ton cage -while I still must endure many more months of physical therapy.There’s only one victim here.Mat Bush may have HAD a shot at renewing his career .The victim will have the rest of his life to wonder why he was in the wrong spot one more time – -T E Laurence , (There is no such thing as a minor Motor Cycle Accident) – -P S way to many knuckel heads feeling free to clutter up this response page.

  107. Falconer says:

    I really don’t care if what Bush has is a disease or not. What I do care about is the innocent victim because Bush couldn’t control himself. That’s the only thing that should matter.

    There are plenty of people who have been able to keep themselves in check for many years. If Bush is such a weak-a$$ed POS that he can’t even show any remorse for his actions than I can’t show any remorse for him.

    To those of you who do feel sorry for him I say that’s your right. I won’t judge how you feel. I will ask you to do some soul-searching though and answer a question for me; If Bush has injured or killed someone you cared about would you still feel sorry for him?

  108. Falconer says:

    I really don’t care if what Bush has is a disease or not. What I do care about is the

    innocent victim because Bush couldn’t control himself. That’s the only thing that should


    There are plenty of people who have been able to keep themselves in check for many years.

    If Bush is such a weak-a$$ed POS that he can’t even show any remorse for his actions than I can’t show any remorse for him.

    To those of you who do feel sorry for him I say that’s your right. I won’t judge how you feel. I will ask you to do some soul-searching though and answer a question for me; If Bush

    has injured or killed someone you cared about would you still feel sorry for him?

  109. James Mith says:

    Celeb baseball player or not he hit a fellow human being and severely injured them and then left the scene without even calling for help or even checking to see if the guy was ok. Being drunk is not an excuse for being an absolute scumbag of a person.

    Hopefully he was well insured and hopefully they won’t short circuit the legal system because Bush is a celeb jock. People with such low regard for human life should be locked in cages until they appreciate their lives more. I hope they put this scumbag in jail for a LONG time.

  110. weineregass says:

    i make pipi gass out weinerhole

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