First comes this note from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe

Kurt Suzuki, C, A’s – The Rays have been trying hard to get him, but Oakland isn’t crazy about Wade Davis or Jeff Niemann in return. As one National League GM pointed out, “The Davises and Niemanns are the type of pitchers that Billy [Beane] winds up trading. He wants a higher grade of pitcher.’’ Right now, the Rays aren’t willing to go there.

That seems perfectly logical. The Rays are always looking to upgrade behind the plate, and the Rays have two starting pitchers for one spot.

But hold one. Buster Olney says not-so-fast (via Twitter)…

Rays say they haven’t talked with Oakland about Kurt Suzuki.

Of catchers in the AL with at least 400 plate appearances, Suzuki (28) ranked as the sixth best catcher with a Wins Above Replacement (WAR) of 2.3. He hit .237 with 14 home runs and an OBP of .301.



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