We found out shortly before the all-star break last year that Evan Longoria was suffering from a nerve injury to one of his feet. At the time Longo made the injury sound like it was no big deal, saying he had “gotten used to it.” But we wondered later in the year if the injury was bothering him more than he was letting on.

First we learned that Longo had surgery following the season. However, the media described that procedure as “minor.” And now we finally get word from Tim Kurkjian of just how much pain Longo was in.

A lot…

Evan Longoria told me his foot hurt so much last year, he would take his shoe off between innings. That foot has healed. Huge year ahead

And he still hit 31 home runs in just 133 games. Just imagine what he is capable of if he can play 155+ healthy games? This is going to be fun year to be a Rays fan.


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  1. Beth says:

    I think athletes commonly play through ailments that range from very annoying to extremely painful. Perhaps next time Joe Maddon rests a starter from time to time his critics might pause for a second and consider that there may be a good reason.


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