Earlier this evening we were working on a post in which we learned more about the victim of Matt Bush’s (allegedly) drunken hit-and-run accident that suffered a brain hemorrhage, a collapsed lung, a broken back, broken ribs, and a broken wrist.

The details came from a column written by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports in which he took a deeper look at Matt Bush’s arrest. At the end of that column, Passan included this chilling sentence…

If Tony Tufano dies…

*Gulp* We knew the injuries were serious, but we were also led to believe that the victim’s condition was improving.

Now comes word that Tufano is in a medically induced coma. According to Roger Mooney of TBO.com, Tufano is “hooked up to a respirator and a feeding tube and is completely unresponsive.”

Passan offers more details on Bush’s actions from the day in question. While most of the piece is a chilling look at Bush’s battle with alcohol, one of the topics covered by Passan is Brandon Guyer’s role.

Yesterday we speculated that Guyer would likely be named in a civil suit since it was his Dodge Durango being used by a drunk driver with a suspended license.

According to Joseph Smith of TampaBay.com, Guyer is not being investigated for any criminal liability. But he is indeed likely facing a lawsuit. Later, Guyer’s agent called Guyer an “innocent victim.”

According to Passan Bush “stole” Brandon Guyer’s SUV. Bush wanted to use the car to return to an apartment they shared. Apparently Guyer didn’t know Bush’s license was suspended, had never let Bush use the car before, and “figured it was harmless.”

At that point, Bush took the Durango an hour up the road to Sarasota where he went to a strip club, climbed on stage and got booted by bouncers. It was on the way back that he hit Tony Tufano.





  1. nate says:

    Completely honest question here...

    Why do you use the phrases "alledged hit and run victim" and "alledgedly drunken hit and run accident"? It was my understanding that these were not in dispute.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Matt Bush hasn't admitted anything and he hasn't been convicted of anything.

      • nate says:

        OK. I appreciate that info. As a side note I would assume that when Bush is given his day in court a guilty plea would be in order with an attempt to mitigate the punishment. Just my opinion based on the amount of evidence that seemingly exists (Guyer's car, failed breath test, witnesses, etc).

  2. Jan Stevenson says:

    Tony and I grew up together in a small upstate New York town of Port Jervis. Tony would never dream of treating another human being or animal as he was treated. Hit and run and be left on the road to die. Tony has always been strong. Tony made himself strong. He ran, and ran and ran. All I can pray is that he can will himself strong again to return to his life. After the passing of his wonderful, loving wife, Pat, nearly one year ago, Tony was completely devastated. Now this at the hands of a known drunk who should have been stopped long ago. Tony has a loving family who will stick by his side all the way, as he would do for them. My hope is that Matt Bush will remain in jail with no way out. Tony would want this. Not for himself, but to protect the rest of us from this terrible fate at the hands of those who would drink to excess and then get in a vehicle and change our lives forever. You should have to blow into the steering wheel equipped with a sensor before the car starts. We lose so many and so many are maimed, please someone do something.

  3. Sam Bliesner says:

    Thank you for being someone who is reporting it the right way. "Innocent until proven guilty." If he is convicted, he deserves the time for what he did. It's sad to see such talent be lost like this. I don't see any future for him in baseball, nor does he really deserve it.


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