OK, it was more fun when we were just putting the pieces together, but somebody actually went and asked Evan Longoria if he is dating Jaime Edmondson. He said yes. And it sounds kinda serious.

On a “why does this flippin’ matter?” note, we have a couple of thoughts…

First of all, this seems like more of a national story than a local one. To us, he is just Longo, and if Dirtbag is happy, we’re happy, and it doesn’t matter who it is. But we need to remember that on a national level he is a bit more of a celebrity, and this is how the national media treats celebrities. And in a strange way, that is kinda cool.

If the national media is paying attention, that means the Rays are relevant. And let’s face it, there is a small part in all of us that hates being in the shadow of the Yankees and Red Sox when the Rays have been just as good in recent years.

Now, we know a lot of you still don’t care and that’s fine. And you like to accuse us of being a “TMZ for the Rays” like we have a video camera camped out in front of Longoria’s condo and we are following him to restaurants. That’s fine. But a lot of people are curious and Longoria doesn’t seem to care. They are going out in public together and are clearly not hiding it. So it is not like anybody is invading their privacy.


  • 14 of the 21 position players have already arrived at camp.
  • Jeff Niemann on the Battle Royale Rotation: “It’s going to be a tough deal, but at the end of the day, it’s for the betterment of the team, and we’ll all
    be on board for whatever decision that is.”
  • Brandon Gomes had his first bullpen session following back surgery. He still seems like a good candidate to start the year on the DL when the Rays are looking for a way to keep everybody in the system.
  • David Price on the 2012 Rays: “I feel like this might be the best Rays team that I have ever been on.” [SportsRadioInterviews]
  • Reid Brignac says he has added 10 pounds of muscle. But according to several people who would know better than us that is “bull poo poo.” More likely he added a few pounds of muscle and some fat. [@RaysGameDay]
  • Also, JP Howell has lost 10 pounds. [@RaysGameDay]




  1. Don says:

    You only wish you were the TMZ of the Rays...baseball sites and TV would be quoting you all the time...
    Much like the networks do for the real TMZ on the National news, TMZ was the first to post pictures of Whitney Houstons Motel room and Knew exactly what drugs she had in the room, but National news had to buy the info. from them..go figure..

  2. Mike M says:

    My girlfriend saw them together at the International Mall back in October. I only remember because it was on a game day for game 3 or 4 against Texas. I ended up texting back for her to "Go tell him to get his ass home! Its the playoffs! Big game tonight!".

    • Raysfan137 says:

      Those were both afternoon games (5: 10 and 2:10). Could have happened for game 3, I guess. Not enough time for game 4. But not likely for either. Perhaps you have your dates confused.

  3. Don says:

    I don't know..I still have mixed emotions about the playboy bunny thing....How about introductions..."meet my girlfriend Jaime, you can see her naked if you spend $3.00 for a magazine"...'Hi Mom wanta see my girlfriends pictures"
    Come on.....

    • Raysfan137 says:

      Like you could even imagine what the reality of dating a model would be like. Sour grapes ? Why are you always judging and hating ?

      C'mon man. She posed for Playboy. That's all you know about her. Get a life and be happy for the kid. He is an amazing ball player, who shows mature leadership beyond his years. He shows class in most situations where others have chosen to be complete butt heads. And he is happy to be outperforming his contract. I hope he frequents RaysIndex so he can read your posts and use their pearls of wisdom to put him on the straight and narrow. Otherwise he's got no chance of success in life.

  4. Don says:

    I forgot....How about Price & Brignac looking at playboy...
    "you Know Longo We think her left breast is actually larger than her right...huh?
    I could think of more..

  5. Dave L says:

    Its 2012... no need to pay 3 bucks if u have the google, can cut and paste her name, and can think of some common synonym for 'nekkid'

  6. Leighroy says:

    And the closemindedest of the closemindedest speaks again! Some people must want to keep athletes in cages and breed them with only those they select like they are horses or something. Get a clue Don or go back to the Puritan era. I could care less either way, but you sure are good for a laugh.

    And that's at you, not with you btw 😉

  7. Sublime says:

    In the words of the great rapper Nelly, "What's the point in being famous, if you ain't EF-fin the models" Do ya thang Longo!

  8. Raysfan137 says:

    @Leighroy - need a like button on this thing. Thanks for putting Don in perspective for me. I need to learn to laugh at such cynicism. I say we all send him our Zim Bears. Clearly he needs someone to cuddle with.

    @Sublime - I think that 'bout says it all. Way to summarize it perfectly.


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