Joe Maddon had a pretty cool comment that we think shows just how mature this Rays roster is even though they are very young…

“For a young guy to come into this camp with bad work habits, I promise you they will be rectified within the day, and not by me or any of the coaches. The ‘inter-policemanship,’ if that’s a phrase, among the players is so good. A young guy can’t get away with anything right now and it’s outstanding.”

Many fans like to point to the importance of veteran players like Cliff Floyd or Johnny Damon. And to a certain extent you like to have a player or two around that has been through the battles. But now that the Rays have been in the playoffs three out of the last four years, several of the Rays youngins have the experience to assume the rolls of veteran leaders.

We don’t know if the Rays are going to win it all this year. But be sure you stop every once in a while and take it all in. This is a special group. And we have a feeling they are going to do special things.


  • The only player that is likely to be on the opening day roster that is not yet in camp is Ben Zobrist.
  • David Brown of Yahoo! Sports spoke with Matt Moore about the upcoming season. [Big League Stew]
  • Matt Moore is “expecting to struggle” in 2012. [The Raysor’s Edge]
  • Here is a fun read on the Rays “embarrassment of riches” (starting pitching) written by Ken Rosenthal. [Fox Sports]
  • Here is an entire column asking whether or not players dating playmates is really news. Of course, by writing the column, the writer inadvertently proved that it is. [Examiner]
  • Carl Crawford admits he wasn’t happy with Red Sox owner John Henry’s comments after CC signed with the Sox. [USA Today]






  1. Don says:

    By the time zobrist gets the old Lady ready, the kid(s) ready and says an Illinois blessing, he'll be here...
    Plus the best player always comes in last..

  2. Rg8r says:

    Joe sure has a way with making up words and phrases.


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